Using 1TS at a signature and the rest OOP?

We have a ressie for CRT the last day of our trip. My question. Is if we have 3TS left can we use those and pay the rest OOP? Also any clue what that difference will be? Thanks! 25 days till our 1st trip as a family of 4!!!

You mean 3 TS credits and 3 people? No, but you could probably use 2 TS credits to pay for one person then pay for the other two people OOP, then have one TS credit left.

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Actually, if you don’t want to waste a TS credit…
Look through your other 1-credit TS for the cheapest one and pay OOP for one person at that, and then you’ll have 4 TS credits that you can use to pay for TWO people at CRT. Then you only have to pay for one person OOP, and don’t have a TS credit left over.
But run the numbers to figure out what’s cheapest.


I don’t know the exact numbers, but I think it’s around $60/adult and $35/child if you pay OOP.

I’m not sure which meal at CRT they have, but the cost is:

  • Breakfast $58/$36 (Adult/Child)
  • Lunch $61/$38
  • Dinner $73/$43

With the caveat they may raise rates for Holidays/busy times. Looks like they tack on 18% automatically as well…