USF in a day

Spent Tuesday doing USF from open to close. Did the new Villain Con attraction first. Very fun. However, i tried to use the app to save my score, but i discovered a flaw in the design. I was already signed in on the UO app, but when i linked up with the E-Liminator, it logged me out, and it didnt save anything.

Everything else went smoothly. I was able to do Revenge of the Mummy, Rip Ride Rockit, Supercharged, and Escape from Gringotts twice thanks to the single rider line (wouldve done Transformers and Alien Attack twice as well, but i was trying to do everything). I also used the app to do Minion Mayhem, Race Through New York, and the Twirl’n’Hurl at the best time. ET was the only attraction that never had a lull in wait times. The Simpsons Ride didnt slow down until the end of the day, but i was in a crunch for time and wouldnt have made it from the other side of the park, so i did VC Minion Blast a second time

Had lunch on Fast Food Boulevard, and dinner at Finnegan’s


Sounds like a great day to me!!

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Sweet. The Vcon app has been giving issues for many.


It was :grinning: i hope to go back in two months

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So what happens if you get a high score? Is it the bestof the hour? The day?

There are 3 different Top 100 Leaderboards. Daily, Monthly, and All Time.

If you go in the app, you can see this at any time. You can also customize you and your party’s names ahead of time.


Well i went through twice, and neither time was my score saved

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