Users survey: ADR's

Have you every posted an ADR you are going to cancel so another user could take it? Or have you taken an ADR a user has released? Would you be interested in a tool that would automate matching up user that are canceling and ADR’s and users looking for ADR’s?

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Id be interested. I have quite a few I am going to be cancelling in first week of June

Automated tool would be great. I have posted but never had anyone take me up on it. I’ve never seen one posted that I needed or I would grab it. I do like the ResFinder for help with that and have been successful with that tool

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I’ve never done it myself but chat and forums are always having people that are giving up reservations. An automated tool that would accomplish this would probably be a huge hit.

yes I would love that

Sign me up!! That sounds like a great way to make sure those hard to get ADRs go to people who have been actively searching for them for weeks instead of Joe Schmoe who just happens upon a 7:00 pm BOG ADR three days before he goes down.

Call me catty but I like it when hard work pays off instead of blind luck.

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This type of tool does not interest me. The reservation finder fits my needs.

One question - do these “reservation transfers” actually work? I frequently see people posting them, but I recall hearing that you can’t actually transfer a reservation from one person to another, and also that just because someone drops a reservation doesn’t mean that the slot immediately becomes available in the WDW Dining system.

The process requires one user to cancel the original reservation, and the new user to make a new reservation. The closer the two activities happen the better the chance the transfer happens.

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My thought on how the tool would work is that the user releasing an ADR would enter the ADR information. Using the Reservation Finder database it would find anyone with a match and arrange the hand-off.

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I offered up a 6:40pm ADR for BOG a few weeks ago, which of course is not an easy one to get, and there were no takers. I honestly didn’t expect someone to be on the forum with my same dates and park choice to see it. Something like you’re talking about sounds like a good idea. I’d probably use it, though I don’t know that it’d make enough of a difference to warrant the development time (coming from the software development product manager in me,lol).

Still, maybe the ability to cancel our reservation through the res finder (so it cancels it for us?), which triggers the res finder to immediately look for the open reservation and send out the alert, instead of waiting for the next scheduled search would be cool.

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I’ve done a couple of ADR handoffs and both were successful. ADR showed up almost immediately after I dropped it at pre-coordinated time.

Took a little bit of emailing back and forth to set time and give the thumbs up, I can see a tool making it easier - although it seems to me most people here on TP are pretty adept at coordination of things on their own. :slight_smile:

I have done some and yes, they work if they are timed perfectly. Also, the ones I did were in the middle of the night (i work nights and the people i was transferring to work with me) so fewer chances that someone will scoop it up in the handoff.

We did ours simultaneously.

User 1 Cancel/User 2 Refresh/User 2 Grab

My thought is that it’ll make the success of the ADR finder even better. Kudos on a great idea, IMO.

Wonderful idea! I would purchase it, possibly.