Use year dvc and other questions

what would be the best use year to buy DVC if your usual vacations months are jan/feb, may and august?
I’m still dreaming of buying into DVC (and doing lots of research!)
Also, If I buy two smaller contracts that are at the same place and same use year, would they be combined? TIA!

The best use year is always the closest to your usual travel time without going over. That’s because your points will come available just before you travel, but in case you cancel for whatever reason you still have many months to use the points and are well before your booking window.

So for Jan/feb you should aim for Dec. if you can’t get that Oct would be next best. There is no Nov use year (I don’t think, please correct me if I’m wrong).

Note that your points don’t have to be available for use to be available for booking. If your use year is dec, those points become available for use dec 1 but as long as your booking for after dec 1 you can still book 11 and 7 months in advance.

I agree with December if you have a choice. I must say that although UY is important, sometimes you don’t have a choice and if it is resale and your first contract I think finding the contract that meets your needs would drive my purchase. When I bought CC August was my only choice. I travel in September, February and March usually so August works- but I would have made anything work.

Will your two contracts also have the exact same names? @Nickysyme might have more info on this but if they have the same names, they have the same membership number. I am unsure if different numbers can be combined?

Correct about the two contracts. They must be titled the same to be combined into one membership. And I believe if they are the same resort and use year, you can combine the points to book online by selecting both contracts.

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Thanks, to me the only reason to buy two small contracts with the same resort and UY would be to either put a different child’s name on them (different memberships) or possibly have an increased resale value?

Well if you had two kids then having two contracts makes sense because you could give each of them a contract later.

I guess the other reason would be if I wanted to buy one and then add on later when I could.

Random observation: you can pay to change the deed to include your grown children as owners while you are still here to torment them/use your points. Then there is no inheritance issue, because they are owners. I will do this with my three contracts for my three kids. Its $500 per contract.


You can. But that then becomes their asset, which can affect everything from scholarships to bankruptcy, divorce etc.

I don’t know about inheritance in the US, but I do know DVC will not exercise ROFR on “gratuitous transfers” between family members including on the death of an owner.

Yes, see my DVC thread regarding how do you sell if you need to…

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this is all great information- I never thought about putting the deed/tranferring it to a child. Mine is only 6 at the moment but its great to know it can be done in the future.
I’m not certain I would buy two contracts, but at the moment I’m looking at under 100 points so I can pay most in cash and then have a small loan. I wanted to make sure I could add more points later if they become available.
Thanks again!

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