Use two ticket days to park hop early?

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to word this on google so that I find the answer I need, because I’m sure it’s out there somewhere.

Say I have a 5 day PH ticket but only will be in the parks 4 days. Can I use the 5th day on one of those park days to park hop early? Make an AK reservation, hang out at AK til 11, cancel said reservation (is that possible?) then make a new reservation at MK, say, hang out at MK til supper then hop to Epcot for late night? I know you can’t use 2 days in 1 day with a base ticket, but if I have a PH will they let me do it to hop early?


Your ticket can only be used once per day. You can’t use two days’ tickets on the same day regardless of ticket type


OK but this isn’t entirely true. Because I used two tickets in one day back in April because they ended up comping me a ticket for some kind of issue I was having with the app (no joke, nice CM, I wasn’t even being nasty, just asking questions). Maybe because they were separate 1 day tickets entirely?


If you have two separate one day tickets you could use them (those tickets would have more value than a one day hopper). You can never use two or more days on a multiple day ticket to hop.


Got it. That’s what happened last time but this time I’ll have a multiday ticket. Makes sense.

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Yes that’s how that would have had to have been.