Use park tickets day before hotel reservation begins?

My friend’s husband has a conference in WDW which runs M-Th. She will fly down Wed evening and stay in his conference room Wednesday and Thursday night. Then they are going to move hotels and stay Friday and Saturday doing 2 park days together. Here is the question. She wants to do one park on her own on Thursday while he is in his conference. I know she can add a day to her tickets when she is there so she will have 3 and he will have 2 BUT can she use her park ticket on Thursday when they won’t be moving to the Disney hotel (where package is booked) until Friday?
Hope that makes sense!

A similar situation was discussed here the other day. If I got all of it correctly, phone CMs will tell you no…but you can got to a guest services CM and they can (and usually will) activate the ticket for you.

Someone, please either back me up or tell me to ride Carousel of Progress and let the more knowledgeable adults handle this!

Here’s a link to a similar discussion.

using a ticket before Package starts

From everything I’ve heard, it’s possible at check-in if you ask nicely.


Thank you!

We have gotten conference discounted tickets several times, and never had to tie the ticket days to a package. Unless they have changed it in the past year or so, you can just buy the discounted tickets individually through the conference phone number. We bought all sorts of tickets, after 2:00 PM for DH, 6 day for us, 3 day for friends, etc. Call the conference number and see what they say.