Use of MDE by family members during the trip?

Our trip is coming up next week -yay!
Up until now, I have done all planning: all reservations, tickets, ADR. I have MDE and so far no one else does.
I’ll be printing some info out for everyone, such as our ADR and general itinerary. The party is me, my husband and his adult sister, his parents, and our kids ages 14,12, and 9. All staying in a 2-br villa onsite with DDP.
It would be nice for others to be able to adjust FASTPASSES for themselves (some people won’t be riding thrill rides and may do other things) or even be able to pull up mobile order.
How does it work in this case? Do they download the app and make their own accounts? Share my account?
Most likely I’ll be the one downloading it and the Play Disney app for them on their phones…

I think I’d have them download MDE and create their own accounts, then link them as friends to your account. That way they can manage their own things as needed. But if anyone doesnt want to control anything they can stay under your account. I think it would especially be helpful to check on things like DDP credits or do mobile orders as well as FP.


If you’re comfortable with them all having your login information they can share your account. Otherwise, you’d want to have them each create their own account (or one per family) in MDE.

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It’s been a while since I traveled with a large family group to WDW. But, when I did I too made the majority of the MDE reservations. Everyone in my party also had their own MDE account and could adjust their reservations after I made preliminary plans which was very helpful and helped the individuals take charge of their own vacation time. I would suggest having at the least having a primary adult per family have MDE account and be responsible for their respective children’s reservations if needed.

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Since you already have plans, you may have probably already created them as guests in your MDE. Correct?

If that’s the case, go to your family and friends list and click on them. There is an option to send them an email invite to create their own account. They will get the invite and it will guide them from there.

ETA just as a precaution, you may consider taking screenshots of your FPPs before doing it. Just in case something doesn’t connect. For ADRs write down your confirmation numbers.

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