Use of a park ticket on day of arrival or departure?

Hi All,
We are arriving at the Airport at 4:22 using Magical express to Pop Century. We have an 8 day park hopper water park and more ticket. Is this too late of an arrival to try to go to Epcot (open until at least 9:00) that night or should we save the ticket for our departure date? All of the days in between arrival and departure are covered by a park ticket. We depart MCO at 5:40? Thoughts? Thanks in advance

I would save it for the last day. That first night you could get settled in to the hotel and have a nice dinner somewhere. Relax and enjoy just being in WDW, get to bed early and rest up for the next 8 days :smile:

If you’re using ME for departure. you’ll need to be back at the resort by 2;15pm. ME picks up 3 hours prior to departure.

Which means you should probably catch a bus back from the parks around 1:30pm to be on the safe side.

You’ll get maybe 3 hours at EP on arrive night.
You’ll get maybe 4 hours at a park (that opens at 9am) on departure day.

Seems you’ll get more bang on your last day.

The additional cost for an extra day is so small, I often (always?) get tickets for my stay +1 day. This way I can go to the parks both on arrival and departure.

Even if it is just for dinner in the park on arrival.

Not to be wishy-washy, but I say see how you feel on your arrival day and if you and your family wants to head into the park. If you are geared up and ready go when you arrive.

I think you will have more park time if you waited until the last day. That is you have to be all packed and out of the room before you head to the park.

It seems like for only about $4 a ticket you can add an extra day. But you have to do that when there is still an unused day on your tickets. Then you can go on both days!!

Thanks all for the suggestions. I originally had 7 days planned, saw how little the increase was and added the 8th day because I know they are going to be excited when we get to Orlando. Even though it is 4:00 EST, it will be 2:00 “our time” and my kids will feel ready to go. Maybe I will play it by ear and if we use it on arrival night I will try to add another day if we want it. Anyone know how to do this? I used a travel agent, do I call her from Disney World or just visit customer service at one of the parks? Do I just have to do this before we use the last day?

Providing you are staying on Disney property you can go to the concierge and they can probably help you, or go to any ticket window and they will do it for you.

Last year I bought from undercover tourist and I had to go to a ticket window to add a day, but it was rather easy and so worth it!!

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Adding another day will be $10/person. Do you think getting 3 hours and Illuminations is worth $10? We usually do.

plus remember that on arrival day, you COULD get more than 3 hours, if you watch illuminations at the back of the park, then meander through World Showcase, you could get another hour of enjoyment.

Assuming you and the kids can stay up that late?

My family gets more enjoyment out of going to a park on arrival day than hanging out at the resort…actually, we never hang out at the resort!

That being said, we HAVE made the mistake of trying to do too much on that first day: get up early for flight, deal with stress of travel, etc…we are asleep on our feet sometimes by the time we get to park closing.