Use Magic Morning or avoid Early Entry?

It seems like a strange question, perhaps, but because of the days of the week we will be visiting, we have to choose one or the other. Our trip will be off-site, Sunday through Wednesday. This makes us MM eligible for DL on Tuesday. But Tuesday is also the only day of the four that doesn’t have EE at DCA.

So which is more important? That extra hour at DL, or making a “regular” rope drop at DCA (and still getting a “regular” rope drop at DL)?

Thanks for any/all thoughts!

Since only Fantasyland and Tomorrowland are open early at DL and there are more places for rope drop crowds to distribute to, I’d go for the DCA regular rope drop instead of the extra hour at DL.

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Okay, I need to piggyback on this…we are going to be at DL on a Wed and Thu only. So, we will have 2 day tickets. I looked at the GC and DL Hotel but the prices are nutty. If we stay offsite and get 2 day tickets, I’m guessing we should go to the park w/out MM, right? Just to clarify, we would be let in with everyone else, right? Hotel guests and good neighbor hotel guests with 3+ day tickets can only get into the one park list as having magic morning that day??? And, the other park has normal opening hours? Thank you for any help you can provide…I don’t want to assume and stay off site if I should just suck it up and pay 600/night.

With a Wednesday and Thursday planned, go to DL on Wednesday and DCA on Thursday, thus avoiding the magic morning/EMH/EE crowd. It will be fine, you do not need to stay onsite unless you want to. You will be let in at normal open time with everyone else. Have fun!

Personally I would go to DCA on Tuesday since it is the only day without EE. Otherwise you are always an hour behind on the headliners. Magic Morning/EE at DL is nice, but usually crowded as so many people buy 3 days tickets, and only a handful of rides are open. Also, the later EMH/MM is, the more crowded it will be. If it is at 7am it is a much better deal than when it is later. 9am MM’s are very crowded and overwhelming, at least in my experience. If we stay onsite, we go to EMH every day at the park that has it, but if offsite we prefer to rope drop the park without EMH, even if that means not using a Magic Morning. Personal preference though, others may have more to add.

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Thank you! That’s what I was leaning toward, but this is our first trip to DLR, and I’m trying not to bring my WDW bias to the planning process!!