Use Magic Bands at Disney Springs?

We are staying on-site for our upcoming trip in September. We plan to stop into Disney Springs to eat and do some shopping during our stay. Are we able to use our magic bands to charge food and gifts from Disney Springs to our room bill, just like in the parks and resorts? With so many non-Disney restaurants and shops at DS, I’m really not sure what to expect.

IIRC, it depends. DIS run stores you’re fine - non-DIS and you’ll need cash/credit. So if at the DIS pin store, you’re all set with a Magic Band swipe, buying copious amounts of Lego at the Lego store and you’ll need to dig into the wallet. At least that’s my recollection, although I think last trip the only non-DIS place we bought stuff was Rainforest Cafe & they might have given us the option to swipe there as well, but they are on the DDP which is likely why…

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Thanks for the clarification. This is what I figured. I suppose knowing which restaurants are on the DDP would give some indication of which restaurants take magic bands.

I have used Disney gift card at the Lego store. I think many of the stores take Disney payment. I Only have first hand experience with Lego store

We used magic bands at Starbucks and blaze pizza and Wolfgang puck express. We lioved blaze pizza.