Use a gift card instead of your Magic Band to pay in order to get a DVC discount that you are not entitled to

Ok, so I am a DVC member with a DVC blue card that I really shouldn’t have. But that will entitle me to some discounts, not all, but some while on property. I used it last year and saved around $100 or so. But am I correct in thinking that my Magic Band will have my “DVC eligibility” on it? So for food and merchandise discounts I really need to continue to use a gift card for payment?

This is what I did last year with our souvenir purchases, because everyone had their own gift card on it with their allotment. Just whooped out my ID, DVC card and gift card(s). So I am thinking to make sure and not charge back anything to the room that I am eligible for a DVC discount on.

Magic bands don’t have that information on them

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Oh, I thought they did. Maybe they don’t then. Hmmm. Well I might rethink this then. I know that I could not get up to the DVC Members Lounge because they actually run a check on your status, I guess with the card is how they do that. And I know I couldn’t get any deep discounts on tickets because they will check for that as well.

You can link any affiliations on your MDE account like for DVC or AP. If they are linked to your MDE then it will sometimes show up with your Magic Band. I have input my DVC information a billion times and checked to make sure it was on my account and not once has it ever come up when I paid with my magic band. :tipping_hand_woman: