US TPs for June - Looking for Feeback

My husband and I will be spending one day in Universal in June. We are huge Harry Potter fans so that is certainly our priority. However, if there are attractions that are awesome no matter what you’re interested in I’d love to know if we are missing out on any.

Here are the links to our plans:

US -

Thanks again for any feedback you can provide!

That looks like a packed and fun day! I have only been to Universal a couple of times and the Harry Potter areas once so I don’t know too much.

I did have luck doing the Castle tour and riding in the Single Rider line for Forbidden Journey. You really can’t see the person next to you anyway so you don’t miss being together. I also did Gringotts at the end of the night and was able to walk out of an almost empty Diagon Alley which was really cool. If you are going to get a wand I would do that first before exploring the area so you can do the spells - it is really fun. Also make sure that you have enough time for ButterBeer (frozen or ice cream version).

Although you certainly don’t have to do any rides - I think it is nice to walk though the Dr. Suess area of the park. I think it is so charming and fun. If you are running behind I would cut E.T. - although it is really cute. It is not as cool as I remember when I was kid. It is a little out of the way too.

Really all depends on what you like / don’t like. You can fully spend a solid day on both sides of HP (so please ensure you get a hopper pass). Outside of that - we liked Simpsons Ride and the Whirl and Hurl. MIB, Transformers, Spider Man and Minions Ride. I am also a roller coaster fan - so HULK (although it was closed when we were there). I would think the Jimmy Fallon ride would be awesome.

Thanks so much for the helpful input!

We have hopper - of the rides you mentioned, are they fun even if you don’t care much for the movies/tv shows? Also have you done Kong?

Kong is pretty cool but not worth a long wait. I’d skip Trsnsformers, Minions, Twirl and Hurl if you’re not a fan of the shows. The others are all pretty good regardless, but it’s your trip, if you don’t fancy them then skip! I agree that ET is definitely skippable, I thought it was amazing the first time I rode but time has not been kind to it - or maybe it’s just that I grew up!

So I am NOT a Transformer, Minions, Simpsons fan. However to me that is the purpose of this park - take part in something new. Now twirl and hurl is basically dumbo but with the space aliens. It is an Awesome ride - hells no. But there was a minimal ride and I got some great shots of the fam damily on it. It was also a beautiful day and you can actually see some COOL details of the outside of Harry Potter.

I would suggest MYTHOS as a place to eat. Very nice sit down and a nice relaxing break