US or UIA?

We just got back from our first WDW vacation ever. I am in a funk. DH said it’s a possibility we can go to FL in February to visit family…I’m thinking of going for a quick daytrip to Universal. Which park to choose? Kids will be 10 and 12. Only the 12 has read HP. TIA!

Dream scenario is both with a park hopper, so that you can do WWOHP in full.

Otherwise . . . my personal view is that IOA is better for rides (Hulk, Spider-Man, Kong) and USF is better for Harry Potter (Diagon Alley and Escape from Gringott’s).

However, I’m neither 10 nor 12 and rides I like might not match those of your dear children.


I believe I agree with @profmatt. Both is definitely ideal, but probably IOA if you MUST choose. In contrast to the professor, I think Forbidden Journey is better than Gringotts from an HP fan perspective, and that is in IOA.


Wow. What a tough choice. Let me say this: When I first went to IOA, I was very impressed with the theming, the “Lands” and the atmosphere. _f you love Disney, you will love IOA.
On the other hand, USF has upgraded their rides and technology to be an overall impressive park with more to do than ever before.
So…Look over the list of attractions to do and _go with the one with the most check marks.
Here’s my check marks:
IOA: Spiderman ride
Kong Skull Island
Jurassic Park River adventure
Forbidden Journey - Hogsmeade
Great character interaction in Super Hero Island and Seuss Landing

Minion Mahem
Horror Make-Up show (please don’t miss this one!)
Men in Black
The Mummy
Gringotts Bank in Diagon Alley (Yes, Forbidden Journey is better!)
Diagon Alley (truly immersive!)

You will be happy with whichever you choose!

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Tough choice, but if it was me with only one day and HP, I’d pick US. I personally love Diagon Alley, and LOVE Escape From Gringotts more than Forbidden Journey.


Thanks for the input! I’ll start researching the attractions and see what would work best for us.