US Ending International Covid testing requirement

Might be of interest to some:


Just booked and paid for the stupid covid test two days ago :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

At least our travel does not depend on it anymore.


I am so happy!!! I have already paid for my tests too but I’m happy to write off the money.


OH this is great news -

I cancelled my plans to celebrate my 50th this summer at DLP (bucket list trip I have been trying to get there since they opened)

F$%6 now I gotta rearrange all the rearrangements!


Rearrange all of the rearrangements–does that mean you get to do some fun thing now?


Thank you for posting! So excited! I made tentative plans for my family to travel to Iceland but were debating whether to go if requirement still in place as it would have been challenging if one of us tested positive.


At this point hopefully- ts probably to late to change that but not I am starting searched for October -

I had originally exchanged one of my timeshare for the Marriott outside DLP for this summer, and rescheduled to Key West in September,I was terrified of being caught up with a positive test and stuck in a Foreign Country.
and used a different discounted resort for my actually birthday this summer as of now Williamsburg, another bucket list location-

Not that williamsburg isn’t fun but I would rather go to Paris


In time for our trip too! This is brilliant news, one less bit of international travel stress! I’m sure Genie+ will make up for it :slight_smile:



Was just about to post this.



Me too.

It’ll save us a trip to Edinburgh before we head out :+1:t2:


We were doing a video one. My mum and dad just bought theirs yesterday for their trip next week (not Disney) at the same company. I bet they are thrilled that they’ll be losing business :joy:


I’m thinking I might still get the test just to get my money’s worth…! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

PS That’s a joke.
In reality I would’ve paid what I paid for the tests for all the tests to go away. I’m sure if I hadn’t already booked them then they would still be required and there would be no appointments :roll_eyes::rofl::rofl:


That’s why I got mine really early, I was so paranoid that there would be no appointments.


We are going to a conference this summer that required the same level of testing. i.e. in-person or tele-health and the same min. number of days beforehand. I spent $100 on two tests to take with us. Even then I’d be happy if they eliminated the requirement.


Well, there goes $170 on proctored Telehealth rapid tests. Blah.

I wonder how this will affect my travel insurance. We’re headed to Sweden in about a week. When I purchased the insurance I asked if it would be covered for us to stay extra days if one of us tested (+) and was told yes… but that was when you weren’t allowed on the flight with a (+) test.

Me too.

But it is an enormous relief. Having been through this process three (technically four) times, I know how enormously stressful it is. The stakes are so high. You had to take a test the day before you fly and, if you test positive, boom: everything is fucked.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders — similar to (but not as intense as) when I had my first COVID vaccine. I feel like this trip is really going to happen.

Of course, I still have train strikes and tube strikes and baggage handlers’ strikes and flight cancellations and huge queues to deal with. But I feel like I have a plan for those.

I’ve moved my train a day earlier. I have a hire car reserved as a back-up. I will find a way to get to Heathrow.

I’m flying Virgin Upper Class from Heathrow and they have their own mini-terminal with their own security channel.

And I’m only going to take cabin baggage.

I know I only recently went to Orlando but I feel like I need this trip.



Plus I’m a control freak, Type A, hyperorganised.


I was so happy when I heard this news and I instantly thought of my UK (and Canadian, etc.) Liner friends! It’s not just about getting Covid but the stress and anxiety of not getting Covid in order to pass the test, not to mention the hassle, cost, inconvenience, etc.


The insurance companies will be laughing right now.

This means they simply won’t have to pay out for Covid related reasons, unless someone gets serious complications from Covid.


Hmm good point.