Urgent question on luggage services/check

I am planning a spring break cruise. We will hit WDW before the cruise. I am looking at a flight home after the cruise, and the only sort of reasonable one price-wise is at 8pm. So we’d have like 12 hours to kill. The airline won’t take our luggage that early for checkin.

If we wanted to go to Animal Kingdom Lodge, get lunch, maybe watch animals and wander around the resort a bit, would we be able to check our luggage with the bag check outside the hotel entrance?

When we’ve arrived on an early flight and headed straight to the parks, I’ve bag checked my carryons before grabbing a bus, and I think they just gave me a ticket to retrieve my bags. I’m not trying to scam the system, I’m just wondering if I can check my luggage for a few hours before heading to the airport (I know I can’t use DME). We’ll be at AKL before the cruise, but if we do this flight we won’t need a hotel after the cruise.

Do you think the bag check option would work?

I would think so as the resorts allow you to check your bags but if you are not staying at a WDW resort then it may be tricky. You are doing a cruise though and I am assuming it’s Disney. I would tell them you just came off a Disney cruise if they ask and then check all your bags for a period of time.

It should be fine. They don’t ask your room number. Only your name. And then provide a receipt which you use to retrieve your things when you are ready.

Better still, use the Resort Airline Check-in Service https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/guest-services/resort-airline-check-in/

This way, you check in to your flight and check you bags at the resort, so you don’t need to pick them up and schlep them to the airport.

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The verbiage on the link posted says “Walt Disney World Resort Guests must present…”

So the real question becomes, is one a “Walt Disney World Resort Guest” if they stop at the hotel to eat, etc.? Or must one be staying there to be a guest?

I’d think there’s a reasonable chance you could use the airline check-in at the resort, but I don’t recall if they do something like scan a magic band or not to do so. Worst case they should be be able to use bell services to stow their luggage during the day visit…

I do not recall being asked to present any form of proof that I had stayed at the resort in question when using Resort Check-in, but that was a few years ago. Things may have changed - anyone have a recent experience with this?


At Resort Airline Check-in last year, I presented the DME letter we received on our door and our boarding passes. I don’t know if that process is standard or just personal experience with that CM.

Yes, you need to do that if you are going to be taking DME, but if you are getting to the airport another way I don’t think that you need to present anything other than your ID.

Ah, yes, I haven’t tried the check-in without the DME so it’s always been part of the same process for me. Never mind me then!