Urgent: Packing Dilemma!

Hello everyone~
I need some advice! I leave for the world tomorrow and am debating on whether or not to bring my unofficial guide. If I do bring it, I will put it in my checked luggage. How many of you have a copy and take it with you?

I have the eBook version, so I have it in on my phone. I don’t think I’ve ever referred to it whilst in Florida. Much of the information in the book is on the website and is Googleable.

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How much have you bookmarked? I think the first time I went I took it with me, but most of the info I needed I’d copied into a spreadsheet for quick referral.

Like Profmatt said, much of it is on line, so if you have the membership, you should be fine. If there are only a few pages you want for reference, you could always just take a photograph on your phone. I don’t know anyone that carries the book into the World with them, but maybe there are things you want to refer to in your room?

I’ve never brought mine. You’ve done your homework already. You won’t need it.

You are ready, Grasshopper :pray:t3:



hehe… I well loved copy, for sure. :slight_smile:

One other thing I’ve done is find all the links on the website, then send yourself an email (or a few emails) with the links to key pieces of information in them. That way, you can access them quickly on the fly.

Of course, if you’re used to reading the book and you think it will be useful and you have room, go ahead and bring it.

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I have it every trip, I never take it.

I take notes on important things I want to remember in the Evernote app and bring my phone.

Similar to this, you can save the link to your phones homescreen and give it a specific title. It will look like an app, but when you click it it goes straight to the info you wanted. I create a folder of all these and it’s easy to find exactly what you need in a second.

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I always take it for reference in the evenings. I find it much easier to quickly flip through and find stuff in a dead tree edition. However, I also have the kindle version on my phone for in the parks. Belt and suspenders (or belt and braces for @profmatt)

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