Urgent Care & Hospital Map Plus Outlet Store Maps

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I’m in the process of putting together my family’s road trip binder - one thing we try to have on trips is a reference of urgent care and hospital locations near where we stay. (Our kids have severe nut allergies, so good to be prepared.)

I jotted down a few locations that people mentioned as helpful on chat earlier this year and just made a Google Map out of them. That way my wife and I can pull a location up quickly and have The Google navigate for us.

In case anyone else might find this map useful, you can see it here: Hospitals & Urgent Care - Orlando - Google My Maps

It is hardly exhaustive, just 4 locations but they are spread out around the outside of the WDW property.

BTW, For Google users: You can click the 3-dot top menu, click Copy Map & save it to your own maps for editing or viewing. That way you won’t have to find my link, just go to your own “My Maps” on your mobile device and it will be there!


Thanks for sharing!

Thank you. And kudos to you for being perpared.

Thank you!!

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Cool! We actually used one of the Centra Cares, I think back in 2012. My 4 year old son hit his head and was bleeding profusely on his forehead. We went straight to the clinic at the front of the park (thinking he might need stitches).

The nurse on duty called up a van and they drove us to the Centra Care. When we were done, the guy who was driving the van said to call him and he’d come pick us up and take us back. We decided to go back to the resort at that time. He asked if we wanted to stop at a gas station and pick up some drinks or something. So we did. Then he drove us back to our resort. Good experience overall. No stitches, just glue.

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For future reference, just adding a link to the Outlet Store map I also created (thought I had a post out here already with that, but don’t see it. Rather than add a new post, thought it might be helpful to just have both maps in same post.

So, here are the oft-mentioned outlets by Liners on The Chat.

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Thanks for sharing! Both maps are great to have. (We have multiple food allergies as well.)

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FYI: I just added Mobile Dental ER to the map after seeing @evamarie320 mention it on chat!