Uploading profile pic from mac

I can’t seem to upload a picture on my mac…anyone know how?? I went to preferences and selected the download but when I click on it, nothing happens. Thanks!

Hi jhulighan -

I just uploaded my avatar from my mac. I went to uploads, then my file - try clicking upload twice.

Make sure to click “save changes” too

Thanks for responding…I did that…once I select a custom picture and click on upload, nothing happens…I’ve clicked once and double clicked…

From reading the “bugs” thread, I think I may not be able to upload a photo because signed on last night and I’m still within the first 24 hours…I’ll try again tomorrow. Thanks again :smile:

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I’m trying to share a picture and I can’t seem to upload it! I’ve got my avatar and banner done…does anyone have any tips for me. (I’m using the “upload” icon on here)

Don’t worry everyone :smiley: I figured it out :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: