Upgrading UT tix to AP

If I buy our tix through UT w mousesavers code, I’ll save $47. I’m considering upgrade to AP during our trip. Will I have to pay the add’l $47?

Related, when would I need to do the upgrade? After tix are used but before last day?

You should not have to pay the $47. You will pay the difference between current gate price of your ticket and the annual pass. Just use your ticket to enter the park at least once before you upgrade.



I did this last summer. Bought tix from UT at a discount. Upgraded to AP at GS window after having used the ticket to enter the park once. Paid the difference between gate price and AP price, just as @jlyn says. I recommend upgrading ASAP after one park entry so you can begin taking advantage of AP discounts right away - esp if you’re going to buy TIW card.


I plan to do this for my Fall trip. Ordering UT tix in the next few weeks and will upgrade to AP while there since we have a Summer trip next year. @WeHave2GoBack what other AP discounts might there be on my trip? That is something exciting I had not thought about!

@VanellopeVonDoom, there are a lot of nice discounts!

– Dining: 10% off food and non-alcoholic beverages at several restaurants, 15 or 20% off at a small number of others.

– Option to buy Tables in Wonderland card - pay $100 for the card and earn 20% off all food and beverages (including alcohol) at a longer list of restaurants.

– 10% off merchandise

– Discounts on certain sports/recreation/spa activities and some tours and special events. E.g., I got an AP discount on my MVMCP ticket.

I believe it also covers your on-site parking, though I’m not positive about that one since I don’t usually rent a car (and haven’t since I got my AP). When it’s time to book your next trip, there are resort discounts, too. I’m probably missing some - but once you have your AP, you can access the page on the MDE site that lists all the discounts.


Wow, thanks! So it sounds like I should upgrade on my first day after I enter the park.

Do all members of your party have to be present to do the upgrade? Is it possible to have one person go to guest services to pay for the upgrades while the others stay at the resort to relax?

Two points here for people thinking of upgrading:

  1. Know EXACTLY how much the upgrade cost will be. Not all CMs are experienced doing price-bridging/upgrades, so if they come up with the wrong price ask to talk to a supervisor.

  2. Last I checked the current best deal for upgrading is to get a 6-day No Expiration PH+WPF&M ticket from Undercover Tourist using the link from the Mousesavers newsletter - it has a $73.18 discount. Use it once to enter a park and upgrade it to an AP. DO NOT use any of the WPF&M entrances, or else you will have to upgrade to a PAP instead of an AP.


I currently have tix for 5 day park hopper. Ap says it’s $675. If I were to upgrade, how much exactly would I be paying? As you can tell I’m no mathematician!

Full gate price (including tax) for a 5-day PH is 387.66, and the full gate price for an AP is 675.21. Let’s see, borrow a one, 11 - 6, scribble, scribble, scribble - the upgrade will cost 287.55


Lol. That’s what I came up with but wanted to make sure I was doing it correctly. Thanks for the math lesson.

That is the upgrade I am doing so thanks for doing my math for me! :slight_smile:

Silly question but how long should I plan on for the upgrade process? Need to plug it in to my TP.


There could be a line at Guest Services. I would plug in 20-30 minutes just to be safe.


Anyone know if they will give me a Magic Band when I get my AP? I won’t have one already (staying at Swan) but was thinking of buying on arrival.

Does this apply to special tickets like the bit 4 days get fifth day free that I can get through my BF’s employer? Or are those non-upgradeable?

Those are normally standard WDW tickets - the buy 4 get 1 free deal is a sales promotion. They can usually be upgraded without a problem.

Friend of mine just tried a few weeks ago when we were there, decided to get an AP since we were coming back in Jan, they wouldn’t give him a band, but the option to order a free one came up in his MyDisneyExperience profile. When you order one in that fashion, it comes with your discount/parking card. Of course you still need to carry photo ID to use it.

Don’t they give you some sort of card right away so you can use your discounts during that trip rather than waiting for a card in the mail?