Upgrading unused tickets to an Annual Pass


I did look at the suggested posts for this topic and while some were close, not quite the question I have. The closest gave me a warning saying it was a 711-day dormant post, so figured I would create a new one.

I have two unused 10 day part hopper passes in my MDE account left over from a 2015 trip. I plan on two trips next year, an 11-day reconnaissance trip in April to scout out a short term rental for a 4-month (!!!) trip the following Sept-Dec. See [WDW120] in the “other” forum. Hence an annual pass is clearly in order to cover both trips.

I’m looking for good info before calling WDW to make sure I am doing the right thing. Everything I read says I can apply the cost of these tickets toward two of the annual passes I plan on getting. The questions I know I have are:

  1. Most of the posts talk about upgrading your ticket at the kiosk at the park. I’d really like to do it well ahead of the trip and have as much ready as possible before leaving. Any reason to not do that? One post talked about having to have at least used one day first, but think that was for upgrading to a longer regular ticket, not an annual pass.

  2. Given prices go up every February or so, I also figure upgrading this year is better than April next year? It will still only get activated (and start the 1 year clock) on the first day I show up, right? I’d also like to get the magic bands well ahead of the trip start. Any strange gotchas here?

  3. I don’t get access to any AP bennies until activated right? Makes sense, but if not, even more reason.

  4. The really important question though is what am I not asking that I should be? :slight_smile: The value of the existing passes will be what they will be, so no creative optimizing UT tickets like I see in the other posts.

Thanks in advance. I’m well versed on regular tickets, APs are new to me.


If you purchased the tickets direct from Disney there is a chance they can upgrade them over the phone. Most times it does have to be done at Guest Services at a park or Disney Springs. The number is 407-939-7765 option 5.

People enter the park first before upgrading for discount tickets. It can lock in the savings. If you purchased from Disney there is no need to do this step.

When you have an AP voucher you can get the discount in the Shop App and you will have access to the AP section (including booking a room) on the website.

Thanks PrincipalTinker!

I need to buy one AP outright anyway, so will call and see what they can do with the others. Early access to discounts sounds great, so even more reason go ahead. I did purchase on of my 10-day tickets through the WDW website, the other I inherited, so no idea of it’s true origins.


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