Upgrading to an annual pass in USO

Can I upgrade my ticket purchased through Visit Orlando to an AP? Will the full price, not the discounted price, be applied towards the upgrade price? Do I need to enter the park first before upgrading (this is usually what is needed to have the full price applied at WDW)? Where do I do the upgrade at the ticket office or guest services?

Are you staying at a Universal Resort?

Not until my 2nd day in the park. We arrive in Orlando early Saturday morning (arriving via redeye) and plan on doing the upgrade along with other activities throughout Orlando. We then go to USO on Sunday morning, check-in to Portofino Monday morning for the night for 2 days of UEx.

I ask because there should be a ticket office in the lobby. You should be able to upgrade there.

This is the sign from RPR lobby:

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We upgraded UT 3-day tickets to seasonal passes at the ticket offices outside Universal Studios. I had read that we needed to use the tickets beforehand to bridge the price so that’s what we did (we upgraded on the second day). It took a while because the TM didn’t know how to do it, and then was mystified that we didn’t need to pay anything, but she talked to a supervisor and everything was fine. Before upgrading, make sure to check if any dates/parks would be blocked out for your trip.

When you upgrade to AP, are the APs good for the rest of the year or for a year from when you get them?

It is good for a year from when you activate it.

When upgrading, it’s valid for a year after the first use. For us, we entered the park on Nov 26, upgraded on the 27th, pass is valid until Nov 26 of this year. DH had an AP from the beginning, activated on Nov 26, pass is valid until Nov 26 (so we all have the same end date)

You get the full price credited when you upgrade. Sam’s is offering 5 day 2-park park-to-park tickets at a $70 discount of $300. Once we get there we will immediately upgrade to Preferred passes for another ~$30. I called guest services to verify this.

I had planned on going straight to a pass because I want to reserve Mardi Gras bead thrower spots as passholders, but they still haven’t opened that yet. So, I hadn’t bought them. Then I saw the $70/pp discount.

I have a similar question…we would like to buy 3 park/ 4 day tickets to use for volcano bay, but later upgrade to a 2 park seasonal pass to come back next year (not worried about volcano bay next year). Will they allow this type of upgrade or will they make you keep it a 3 park?

If you have used it to enter volcano bay they will make you get a 3 park pass.

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