Upgrading tickets to AP during trip

We think we might upgrade our park hopper tickets to AP when we arrive in October. It should save us money and we can let concierge at club level handle it. Has anyone done this?

I’m planning to do this when we go in July.

I’m planning on doing this when I arrive on Saturday. Will probably get the TiW card too. I’ve run the numbers a couple of times and it should save me some money.
I haven’t told my DH that I will probably have to visit the World in the spring to really get the most out of it. :grin:

I don’t qualify for club level but I did it at guest services at the ticket window and it took maybe 10 minutes and was simple.

In October, I am planning on upgrading my 9 day park hopper with memory maker to an AP. I think that I can save a little more with TiW. Still crunching numbers. A CM told me that I could upgrade my ticket at the hotel desk. We wont get to the hotel until about 8:30 p.m. and I won’t want to go to DS that late when rope dropping HS at 6 a.m. the firdt morning. Does anyone know if you can gef it done at the hotel?

Last I knew, it can be done at hotels, but only if you bought your ticket directly from Disney - I bought mine through a third party so had to go to a guest relations center (went to the one at DS since I was headed there anyway).

Thanks. Yes, I did get them through Disney.