Upgrading Ticket to Park Hopper

Anyone have experience upgrading a standard ticket to a Park Hopper with the new date based ticketing? I purchased 8 day ticket prior to the change to date based pricing because I figured that June prices would be more (and I was right). Just realizing that I might actually want to park hop on a couple of those days. Will I need to pay the difference in the current price for those dates plus the cost of the increase to a hopper or just the flat rate to upgrade to a hopper?

If you bought direct you’ll have to pay the difference plus the hopper price. Could be pretty expensive.

I did. Thanks. I will for sure work my plans around NOT hopping.

Yeah I’d rather spend my money on an extra event or something. EMM or DAH if they have it.

Are you sure? It has been so wonky upgrading tickets these days. I would go with the expectation of just paying for PH and then go to a couple of different ticket counters if I did not get the price I want.

Well, that is part of this issue. This ticket is actually for my husband as my daughter and I have annual passes. I was thinking we might to EMM at HS, go to Epcot midday, and then come back for Fantastic. Maybe my husband will just stay at HS and do Tower of Terror and Rockin Rollercoaster on his own. I think my kid is too small (RNR) and to scared (ToT) anyway. I’m trying to figure out a way to do 1.5 days at Epcot because we really like World Showcase and never get enough time after doing the rides in Future World.

Might be worth a try that day. But also probably not worth it to pay to park hop on just one day. And I’m not sure want to invest time in planning for a hopping and a non-hopping version of the trip. On the other hand, I do love a good alternate plan situation.

Hmm. I was fairly certain that you simply pay the upgrade price for Park Hopper, regardless of what you paid for the base ticket originally. I don’t have direct experience, but that’s what I’ve heard in the past.

I don’t know if it is entirely current, but I found this on the MouseSavers website:

" Most upgrades of current tickets can now be done online or over the phone. This is new; for a long time you had to upgrade in person. But now once you’ve linked your ticket to MyDisneyExperience, you should be able to change it yourself, whether you’ve purchased it directly from Disney or from a third-party retailer like Undercover Tourist. Odd situations (upgrading older tickets, upgrading to specialty annual passes, etc.) still need to be done by a cast member, but they may be able to do it on the phone. Try to do your upgrade in MyDisneyExperience first, and if you can’t get it to work, call Disney World ticketing directly at (407) 566-4985, during normal daytime hours in Florida. Don’t just call the main Disney number – you’re likely to get a cast member that only knows how to do the most basic upgrades."

So if you add the tickets to MDE, you might be able to tell what the upgrade cost will be right in the app. If not, you can try calling the number and asking.


Thanks for this helpful info. I have the ticket in MDE but I don’t seem to be able to do anything to it other than reassign it. I’ll think through our plans and see if a Park Hopper is really worth it.

I had 5 day base tix i bought last year through a 3rd party. Paid $330. I went to GS @ EP on Thursday to inquire about upgrading to hopper. Cost me $75. + tax.
Hope that helps

That seems promising. Thanks!

Did you upgrade the ticket before activating it or after?

Sorry for the delay. Not too active here on the forum. We upgraded prior to entering our first park. Hope that helps

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No worries! :slight_smile: This is helpful, thanks.