Upgrading Room at Check-In?

DH and I would really like a larger room at WL for our “1st Disney Vacation” with DS7 and DD4. I searched the website last night and there are Junior Suites (Deluxe Rooms) available for our nights. We were thinking that if we asked for the upgrade at check-in the hotel may give us a better deal. We are planning on doing check-in very early the morning of our arrival. Anyone have experience with this? Any hints, tricks, and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.

You can always ask! I would be prepared to pay for the upgrade- so you may ask: is it available and how much would it be to upgrade? There may be some pixie dust discount. There are times though that every room is booked and it would have to be available for all your dates.

Yes, we are absolutely prepared to pay. Just thought asking when we arrived (if it’s still available) would get us a deal/discount. Thinking that if the room was going to be empty anyway, they would rather make some money as opposed making no money. Thanks!

Last time we were there - the post per night upgrade to the next category was $120 - they offered it to us for $60.

An AWESOME thing that happened to us there was. We stayed at WL for 5 nights and last 2 nights were to be at a VALUE (Don’t ask) - but about a $200 / night difference. As the “downgrade date” loomed I talked to a few people.

I ended up talking to a Manager and was blunt - “I love it here - but can’t afford the last two nights. What can we do?” She asked me how much I was paying at the other place and then said - “can we split the difference?” - I said yes. She modified all the arrangements - made sure it all went through. It was great - but I had to be persistent. I spoke to two lower level staff that didn’t offer much help. I was however, calm, polite and pleasant as I knew I WASN’T owed anything.

I did however ask her for her bosses contact information as I wanted to share how much this helped to make it a great vacation.

It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. :blush:

How can you NOT have a wonderful time? Sure it is expensive and crowded and sometimes hotter than the sun - but you are on vacation with your family - that is what makes it fun