Upgrading Military tickets

If someone has4 day military promotional tickets can you add days to them just like anyother? and how is price determined. Daughter and her airforce husband will be joining us next summer and have no experience with Military tickets. Any help will be appreciated/

No, you can't upgrade or add days like a traditional ticket.

Thanks, kinda figured that. Trying to determine best way to do their tickets. I asked them to get some info from the office on base/ Thanks again for your help.

Militarydisneytips.com has lots of details on the restrictions with the tickets, blackout dates, activation process, etc. Some of the employees at base ticket offices don't have as much information. Hope that helps!


Depending on how many days you want to add, you can buy another 4 day hopper and use them back to back. That's what we did on our last trip.

Checking into our options for them. Might be cheaper to get third party tickets for the 6 days. Need PH & WPF&MORE. Thanks for the link and input tho @crazysublady & @Bjtmae6

You can upgrade to annual passes!