Upgrading from MYW to Gold AP

Warning: long.

We are traveling to the World this December, 12/19-12/22, pretty much just so we can see the Osborne Lights before they go away. Usually, we never go to WDW during “peak” periods.

Under normal circumstances, the new (cheaper) “Gold” AP would serve our needs just fine. But given that this upcoming trip takes place during Xmas week (one of the Gold’s blackout periods), we have to use MYW or a Platinum AP to enter the parks. Our current AP expires in November, so we will have to make some sort of ticket purchase (MYW or AP renewal) to use this December.

DVC Platinum AP renewals for a family of five costs about $3,000. This would allow us to get into the parks this December, but that’s really the only time we’d need a Platinum (a Gold could be used for all of our other usual trips), so it almost feels like a waste of money.

Five DVC Gold renewals for a family of five costs a hair under $2500. Again, this wouldn’t let us into the parks this December, but would suffice for all of our other trips in 2016.

So I am trying to think of a way to do this:

1.) buy five 3-day MYW tickets for this December (total cost = $1650);
2.) book advance FP+‘s;
3.) visit the parks 12/19-12/21; and then
4.) apply the MYW tickets’ value to the cost of the DVC Gold renewal APs.

If I can make this work, it’d be a $500 savings, so obviously I am interested in pursuing the possibility.

I am assuming that if I upgrade to a Gold AP at the beginning or the middle of my trip, I will be locked out of the parks due to being in the Gold’s blackout window. If I am right, then the question turns to when can I upgrade to Gold without jeopardizing my 12/19-12/21 park entry and FP+'s. If that’s even possible at all.

Am I just chasing my tail here, or is there a way to make this happen?

I totally think this is doable. However, you may need to purchase 4 day MYW tickets as my understanding is that tickets need to have park admissions remaining in order to be upgraded. So, if you buy 4 day tickets and upgrade to a gold AP as you exit the park on day 3 your should be good. As the price of the 4 day ticket is less than the AP you will receive full credit toward the upgrade. Buy discounted tickets through a 3rd party (check touringplans ticket calculator) and have the gate price bridged to the AP to realize more savings. I think right now the 10 day hopper +wpfm option provides the most savings.

I’ve heard conflicting information on that “park admissions remaining” thing. Others have opined that I can upgrade as I walk out of my last park on 12/21 (the third day).

I want to call WDW and get the official word, but I am afraid they will get wise to what I am trying to do.

This is quite tricky. Assuming that @rvashko upgrades the MYW tickets on the penultimate park day as they are about to exit the park, what happens at that point? Will they be frog-marched out of the park as they no longer have valid tickets? Will the upgrade not be allowed because they are upgrading to a ticket this is not valid at that moment?

I think that a call to WDW Reservations is in order here to find out what exactly will happen and whether this will work.

One final thought: per http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=1452684 tickets can be upgraded to APs “at a location with access to the Automated Ticketing System (ATS). Basically this is any park (including water park) ticket window or Guest Services location, or one of the Downtown Disney Guest Services locations.” So, after the final park day you could go to DTD Guest Services and do the upgrade. Supposedly you can upgrade on the last day you use a park entry, but the conventional wisdom is that you still need to have an unused park entry in order to upgrade.

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I highly doubt I’d be escorted out of the Studios that last day. On the infinitesimally small chance that happened, why would I care? I’ve already had my day in the park, FP+ and all, right?

Who knows what WDW Special Ops might do - they could drag you down to “The Vault” where you would be left to rot along with thousands of copies of “Song of the South”… :wink:


My husband upgraded his ticket for 1 additional day after we hit the tapstiles at Magic Kingdom at the guest services window outside of the park, when it was the last day on his ticket. I would say be careful, especially if you finish you last day at the end of park hours they may not horor the upgrade.

Undercover tourist now has a 5 day magic your way ticket for the same price as a 4 day magic your way. $321.95 adult, $300.95 child.

Maybe purchase that and at the end of your stay do the upgrade. You are not out any money, and you have safety that you have remaining tickets on your cards