Upgrading 3rd Party Tickets to Annual Passes

I’ve bought 3 day, park to park tickets for my family’s trip in January of 2022. After talking to my SIL, who recently purchased APs, I looked into what it would cost to upgrade our tickets. Currently, the cost of a 3 day, 2 park ticket for our visit time is $350, which is the same as the cost of the cheapest AP (I know it has blackout dates and certain other restrictions, we’re okay with that).

My question is, can I upgrade 3rd party tickets (bought through Costco) which were cheaper than the current posted price on UOs website, to the lowest AP for little to no cost? I assume I’ll have to pay taxes and fees, but other than that it would be like a free upgrade?? That just sounds too good to be true!

I was able to upgrade an Undercover Tourist ticket to a Seasonal AP for the difference in cost between the 2 day ticket and the Seasonal AP. The upgrade cost was about 25$.
I don’t know what they would do if the tickets were worth more than the lowest level pass. When I bought tickets from Universal that cost more than the Seasonal AP, the minimum pass I could upgrade it was the Power Pass.