Upgrading 2 day ticket frustration

Two years ago, prior to FPP I went to Disney and purchased a package to take advantage of free dining even though I had APs at the time. I was assured that in the future I could just upgrade the 2 days tickets to more days, etc. So planning a trip now and looked into upgrading tickets to 9 day park hoppers but problem is cannot do this until onsite so I am now screwed with FPP reservations since I can only make 2 days of reservations. Prior to FPP this would not have been an issue so I am just frustrated. Is there any way around this besides purchasing new tickets?

I can’t think of any tricks around this. However, you might try giving WDW IT a call and explaining the situation to them to see if there is anything they can do the work around the FPP reservation issue. The number is 407-939-7765 or 407-939-4357,

I would call and see if they can help you. Are you doing a RO deal? Is it possible to add tickets that you could then change at the 30 day mark? When it won’t affect your FPP choices?