Upgrade? Did you get the surprise of your life?

I’m just curious how disney “decides” to upgrade people… Have you been upgraded?? Where were you supposed to stay and where did you get upgraded to?.. When did you travel…

We were at PORS in September and booked a royal room. Friends that were traveling with us had booked a standard room. They were upgraded to a royal guest room next to ours. Of course, the resort was only at 45% capacity according to the CM’s print out on the check in desk

We were at BLT in 2011 after my college graduation. My parents mentioned at the check-in desk that we were also celebrating their 50th birthdays (true, although we were there in August and they each had birthdays earlier in the year. I digress…) Zeke, the manager supervising check-in, fiddled with the system and asked, “How patient are you willing to be for something really cool?” My brother and I, both horribly impatient, swore up and down that we’d wait as long as it takes. We were upgraded from a 2BR villa to a Grand Villa, and only had to wait 3 hours to get into our room. It was the coolest hotel room I’ve ever stayed in, and it ruined me for life. That said, we now use points instead of cash, so the likelihood of getting an upgrade is nil.

Before that, we were upgraded at BW because a pipe burst in our room (before check-in). We were supposed to get a 2BR villa, but they had no room left and had to transfer us to the Presidential Suite (? Inkeeper Suite?), club level at BWI. Pretty cool.


Our last trip was at the end of July, 2013. We had reserved a standard (non-view) room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. When we checked in, they upgraded us to a Savannah View room. I’m guessing that this is something they do when there are available rooms.

Disney knew that this trip was for my daughter’s sixth birthday, but the people at the check-in desk didn’t mention that when they gave us the upgrade.

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It has been crazy for me this year. In May I checked into BC. I booked a garden view and I was upgraded to CL, water view. In October I checked into BW. I booked standard view and I was upgraded to BW view. In December I booked WL standard view. I ended up having water view. I have never, ever asked for an upgrade. Usually the only request I make is highest or upper floor.

We stayed in the Poly from 11 September 2012 to 18 September 2012.

We initially had a standard room on the ground floor, which we discovered quite a few palmetto bugs in. They wanted to spray, but as my youngest was two at the time we didn’t want to be in a just-sprayed room and asked if we could be relocated.

Relocate us they did - to a MK view room in Hawaii. (For those that aren’t Poly fans, Hawaii is one of the “Club Level” buildings.)

I’ve gotten the King room upgrade at the resorts where it costs extra, and a couple water views at the values.

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We were upgraded from a littleMermaid room to a Lion King suite at AOA in summer 2013. Not sure why. We were doing a split stay and checked in around midnight after a wonderful day at MK. Best Disney Day evah!


Sniff…sniff…no upgrades. Ever. Don’t ever ask because then it isn’t magic.

I’ll be patient.