Updating Polynesian room finder soon?

Hi @Lentesta! Let me begin by saying I used your room finder and automatic fax service last summer and got the room next door to my requested room at the Polynesian. It was very easy because I wasn’t searching for a recommended room. Since I had reserved a then brand-new DVC studio and with the quiet pool construction underway, Moorea, garden view, was our logical choice to avoid the construction ugliness. So, here’s the problem. We’re booking a regular room for our next vacation and when searching the room finder for recommended rooms, only Tokelau is showing. Problem is, Tokelau is now DVC, which means I’m getting no help at all from TouringPlans with regard to recommendations. When will you be updating the room finder so that it can be of help to those of us needing recommended rooms at the Poly?

Thanks and keep up the good work! I used your crowd calendar and self-created touring plans for our last two trips which made park touring smooth and problem free!


I was coming here to post basically the same question and found this post with a search. I had read on another site (LINK to Tikiman site) that some Longhouses were DVC only, but when using the room finder to search for recommended “Standard view/2 queen bed” rooms only Tokelau comes up.

Any recommendations as to what buildings we should look at for Standard view non-DVC? The rooms in Samoa facing the pool look interesting but are they really loud because of the proximity to the pool?


This was a standard view (monorail in the background) Aotearoa .

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Hey Brett,
I’ve only stayed at the Poly once, so I can only recommend based on what I observed during my stay. When do you plan to go? If before April, you’ll want to avoid any of the longhouses facing the quiet pool construction. The noise would really bother me. And personally, I’d avoid Samoa even if construction was finished. There’s no way I’d want to face the volcano pool! Again, too noisy. We’re not going till August, and although construction should be finished by then, we’re thinking Fiji. I’ve heard lots of good reviews. And I don’t think there’s a bad view at all. (But to be quite honest, the view is not as big a deal in the whole scheme of things…we spent minimal time outside on the balcony.) I just would like to know what Touring Plans would recommend as their choice longhouses/rooms.


We’re going April 30 - May 6. Fiji looks like it might be a winner. Rooms 3301-3310 seem to face away from the main pool and towards the beach/lagoon. Looks pretty tranquil to me.

Still, it would be nice to see what Touring Plans recommends now.


Waiting patiently. I’m surprised someone at Touring Plans hasn’t responded to this one.

@len - Any comment on this?


Oh,missed this. Sorry. Working on it this week.

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Hey, now that’s service! Our reservation isn’t until 4/30 so we’ve got some time, but good to know it’s being addressed. Thanks!

Good new for us!

Any news on updating the Polynesian room finder for standard views? Taking Tokeleau out of room finder (DVC)?

Nothing. Tokelau is still showing as most recommended :confused:

Anyone have any thoughts on where I should be targeting in Hawaii for a garden view room for a trip in September?

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So, um @len - any updates? It’s been a while and our trip is coming up. Granted… I’m still 90 days out but I’m curious to know if this is still on your radar.


Does Figi face the Luau on one side and pool on the other (across the pier)?

Yes, Fiji “faces” the pool but is not next to the pool. The marina is in between Fiji and the main pool.

Figured I’d go back into Room Finder and see if you’ve made the distinction between the DVC and regular resort buildings at the Poly. Seems like you have because I see the map colours changing based on my selections. However, it’s not giving me any Touring Plans picks for room recommendations. Why is this @len?

While we were at the Poly last week, I was telling @LaurelStewart that I’ve never stayed in Fiji, Tuvalu, or Aotearoa. Clearly, more research is needed. :smile:

As far as Fiji goes, I think west-facing, 3rd floor rooms look promising: 3301-3310.

For the DVC rooms, definitely avoid first-floor, west-facing rooms in Tokelau. The new pool infrastructure is really pretty if you’re inside the pool area, but mildly hideous if you’re in, say, room 1947:

I’d stick to upper-floor rooms in the west side of Pago Pago or Moorea. They’re a farther walk from the GCH, but also more insulated from ferry traffic noise coming from the TTC.

Let me know if this doesn’t make any sense.

Thanks for the update @len. We’re staying in a standard view (non-DVC) room and leaning towards a 3rd floor west facing room on the north end of Samoa. Facing the pool, something like 3610.

Do you see any reason to avoid this? Seems like a good balance of proximity to the pool and monorail with the potential for an oblique lagoon view (if we strain our necks enough on the balcony!). Are you recommending Fiji based on lower noise levels? My family thinks Samoa looks promising because of the pool view.


Hey, I am obviously not Len testa but figured I would still respond :smiley:
I think your choice of Samoa would be great ! we were in a ground floor room there in october for 8 nights and loved! it is so centrally located b/w the boat dock, GCH, monorail, bus stop and is a pleasant walk to the TTC. It might be a little loud during the day b/c of pool activities but we never found the noise to be an issue as long as we had the sliding patio door shut. I would only recommend the west side long houses (Fiji and aotearoa) if you really are concerned about a quieter environment. but then again, these get more foot traffic and noise from the luau too. I think samoa is the way to go!

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