Updated wait times after covid19

Not sure if this has been discussed yet…Will the wait times be adjusted to reflect the new norm?

Len mentioned in another thread by August 1.


I think that there’s going to be too much uncertainty in crowd levels (both because of the unknown park capacity levels, that are likely to change and because of unknown desirability to travel) and in fluctuating ride capacity to really pin down reasonably accurate wait times for awhile. Even if they do adjust TP times, I would really be wary of planning too minutely based on expected wait times.

I think a better strategy would be to look at patterns that emerge (like how wait times ebb and flow throughout the day), and use that to lay out a general plan of attack. Then, on the day make good use of the Lines app to watch the actual wait times and be flexible with the plan.



For the time being, say, through the end of August, we expect crowd levels to be 1s most days at most parks. We should have the long-term wait time models adjusted by August 1. The short-term models run on the actual day you’re in the park, and those should adjust every 5 minutes based on what’s actually happening.

We’re trying now to determine if there’s a bump in wait times every 2 hours when Disney’s cleaning the ride vehicles. I don’t think it’s showing up in the posted wait times. It may show up in the actuals.

I’m testing touring plans again in the MK tomorrow, with Christina.


If you need more help I would be happy to call out of my real job and take a day doing research :crazy_face:


Me too! :smiley:

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Thanks for letting me know! We are planning a trip in September. We had to make so many changes to our itinerary because of the changes Disney made. So I am just trying to plan with new times now. I will wait until August to reevaluate.

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Are the times adjusted yet? I just wanted to double check before I start messing with my plans.


After looking at my plans and comparing them to your wait time predictions, I noticed that they seem more accurate for August than September. Are the wait times only adjusted for August or do they just jump up that high in Sept? Like for Example flight of Avatar at Animal kingdom is predicted low in August but the wait times jump really high in Sept. On my plans for a 3pm ride on Avatar the wait is like 65 minutes. That just seems high to me compared to the numbers we are seeing right now. Is it predicted to be really busy in September, like more busy than it is right now? Sorry to bother, I just want to make sure I am working with the correct #'s.

From August 31st to September 1st, there is a noticeable jump in wait times.(which is not normal) My guess is accurate times are posted only through the end of August. IMO expect September to be reevaluated lower again in the near future.

There are just so many uncertainties during these unpredictable times. But I believe so much rests on the number of new cases in FL and also in the whole US in general. The gradual increase in crowds and wait times will take longer than initially thought.

Check that, Fred from TP had previously mentioned optimizing plans only through the end of August:


Thank you for the link, I don’t think to check the blog posts

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I’m sure you seen, sometime recently the Crowd Calendar went to mostly “1’s” for September. Are the wait times reflected lower now on your touring plan?