Updated HS touring plans help please

So I am bad at making touring plans…DD 6, DD4, DH, and myself. Planing on doing a halfish day at hollywood studios and then maybe going to disney springs or another park. Is this plan doable?
Would love any advice!
HK 1/2 day 2

The Frozen FPP should start at 2:00. If you get there at 2:30, you will certainly not make use of the FPP and you may not make it into the theater.

Do you have these FPP or is that what you are hoping to get? Getting an early TSMM can be hard especially if your HS day is near the beginning of your holiday. It looks good as you are fitting in all your must do’s in the morning and then seeing how you feel later. I would FPP TOT instead of Mermaid. Or you could do TOT first and pick up a rider swap, and then take your kids to Minnie, and leave your FPP with Mermaid.

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I don’t have the fast passes. Need to make them next week. I wasn’t sure about using fast pass for TOT in case my girls were to scared. Is voyage of the mermaid typically easy to get into?

Depends on CL, but you’re talking January, seeing an early show and being there 15 mins early, so you shouldn’t have any trouble. I’ve got my DH a TOT FPP, while I’m doing Frozen sing along with my girls. You can still get a rider swap if only your husband has the FPP. You haven’t included Star Tours, that would also be a good use of a FPP. If you get a FPP for TOT you could do TSMM first and then again later with a FPP.

We were at Hollywood studios this past Saturday. It was pretty busy all day. We walked up to the standby line for little mermaid exactly 2 minutes before the start of the show and got okay seats for our party of 3. There were still a few empty seats around us when the show started. My DD6 liked this one least of the three shows we saw at HS, and she’s a big fan of little mermaid.

I questioned my daughter’s readiness for tower of terror and was on the fence about getting a fast pass. I’m so glad I got it because after the first ride she asked if we could ride it “again and again and again.”

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updated plan:: HK 1/2 day 2

I dont think my girls will be up for tower of terror.
any thoughts?

won’t know til you try?! Post above describes the unpredictable nature of the littles!