Updated Hours for MLK Weekend at DHS - Got SDD FP this am!

Just to let everyone know, TP hasn’t updated their hours yet, but according to Disney’s site, Friday the 17th of January, DHS is now opening at 7am. We have an ADR at Trattoria al Forno at 7:50, but I actually managed to snag 3 FPPs for SDD at 8:30am. There was 7 and 7:15 also available for a party of 4 just a few minutes ago!

Looks like they updated the hours for all of MLK weekend and Dibbs is showing AM availability for 4 on SDD every day (Friday-Monday)! GET IT.

(You guys, I’m staying OFFSITE and our trip is in 9 days, so had literally ZERO hopes of getting FPs for SDD. And my DD4 pretty much only wants to ride it…)



Sunday, Jan 26 HS also changed to 7 am!

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Thank you so much!! I just changed my Sat plans and snagged SDD at 7:50 am! whoot whoot!

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