Updated crowds and personalised tp


First post on this forum so be gentle please.

I’ve done a personalised plan for our trip 8/19 - 9/5, and like many others today received the updated expected crowd levels :scream:

Do I now need to re-optimise my personalised plans (I did it for one day but no timings changed, which surprised me as I’d of thought they would), if so how long does it take for them to upload the new data to reflect increased crowds.

Many thanks

I always re-optimize or evaluate 2 days or so before I leave, just to be sure I have the most updated info.

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I have the same question. No real changes on my plans either.

One of the comments on the blog post about the crowd calendar change suggested that the updated crowd information that went live yesterday was already “baked into” the optimizer, so your previous plan was already representative of the newly release info.

Edit to add: Here’s the comment, from Steve Bloom:
“The optimizer had access to the new attraction prediction prior to the crowd levels being updated. If you evaluate a Touring Plan and times have not changed, the optimizer was using the latest attraction predictions. We will update an attraction’s prediction and not update the Crowd Calendar if there are no significant changes to the Crowd Calendar.”

Many thanks!

Many thanks for that, I hadn’t seen the blog post :flushed: