Update w/Results: FP Plan Feedback Request

Our FP selection day is approaching (on Tuesday :grimacing:), and I’d love feedback on our current plan!

A few notes: we have two toddlers, two seniors, and two adults. We will be focusing on kid rides (nothing scary or fast) and making most of our plans in the morning so we have flexibility in the evenings to work around naps, pool, and toddler crankiness. We have park hopper, but I’m only booking FPs for one park per day.

Day 60: travel arrival, no parks

Day 60+1: Magic Kingdom CL 1 :hugs:
—FP: Winnie the Pooh, Fairytale Hall, Jungle Cruise

Day 60+2: Animal Kingdom CL 7
(already have FOLK dining package with KS)
—FP: FOP (adults only), Animation Experience, Navi River (seniors+kids)

Day 60+3: Epcot CL 7
—FP: Spaceship Earth, The Seas, Frozen EA

Day 60+4: Hollywood Studios CL 5
—FP: Toy Story Mania, Frozen Singalong, Beauty and the Beast Singalong

Day 60+5: Magic Kingdom CL 2
(We also have MVMCP this evening)
—FP: Peter Pan, Enchanted Tales, It’s a Small World

Day 60+6: Epcot CL 4
—FP: Soaring, Test Track (both adults only), debating between Frozen or another kids ride for the third. We will mostly be touring the holiday attractions/booths leisurely so I’m up in the air.

Day 60+7: MK CL 8 or AK CL 6
We leave in the afternoon, so I’m debating which park to hit up for the morning. MK to re-ride some favorites, or AK to try for FOP and maybe the Nemo musical. Any recommendations?

Are there any FP you would suggest changing or something I’m missing? What FP do you suggest I snag first?

Thanks for any commentary!

60+1: Shouldn’t have any trouble with these, so I’d book these towards the end. WtP is also usually really easy to get a day-of FP for once you finish your first three if you decide there’s a more important ride for your family. I’d use the TP to suggest which has the longest line that you want to do.
60+2: This is what I would try and book first, especially the FOP, and even that may be a stretch. Since you are planning to split the group with Navi and FOP, you can also all get a third FP.
60+3: Shouldn’t have any trouble here, except FEA in the morning. I’d probably check this immediately after FOP
60+4: Should be good with all of these as well, so can wait until after other days are done to book.
60+5: PP would be the hardest of the three, but at 60+5 should be open for morning slots. IASW is another easy one to pick up a same day FP for, so again, I’d check your TP to see if there is a better use of the FP!
60+6: All three of these rides are Tier 1, so each person can only have one of these pre-booked. May consider FEA here and TT or Soarin’ on 60+3 since those will be easier to get a morning time for.
60+7: This could be a good time to try for FOP again if you go AK since its further into your trip. Since you’ve already got 2 MK days, and on days with low CLs, I’d probably go the AK route here!

Hope that helps!


Thank you, it does help!! Not sure what I was thinking with all the Epcot Tier 1s (probably can’t keep my notes straight after trying to understand all the FP workings!), but that is a great catch. Your ordering of what to try to get first sounds on the money, too.

I’m leaning more towards AK for that last half day, the more I think about it. My main hesitation is that we will be at WL, so the faster boat access to MK is really appealing. However, AK has early hours that morning, so we would have some extra time to enjoy the park. Decisions, decisions :thinking:

Totally understand that!

Since you aren’t looking for MK headliners, you could always book your 60+7 at AK to have in case, but if you decide while you’re on your trip that the family would rather do another day at MK, you can adjust! It would be slightly harder to do the other way around and get good AK FP last minute.

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Our FPP booking opened this morning, and here was my experience…


  • I had MDE open on my desktop and the app open on my phone. At first, the app wasn’t working but desktop was, then they seemed to switch after about 15 minutes and I had to use the app to book. I’d recommend having multiple ways to book readily available and also your touring plans up to double check plans.

  • I checked the site a few minutes before and The FP link was live but not working. I briefly panicked bc it gave me some message about linking my tickets (we are staying onsite and have had tickets for months), but it was just an incorrect screen. Wait until exactly 7 for the link to work properly.

  • It took me about 40 minutes to book everything for a week with site/app issues and trying to rework things I had to rework :grimacing: Plan accordingly!

  • Write out a plan of booking, with hardest to get rides first. You select your group, day, then park and ride time. You then can then select more for the same group/day or restart. To save page loading time from reselecting date, park, and group, I booked the same-day rides at once (example: started to FOP, the did other AK rides because it was faster, even though the other rides aren’t as in demand).

Day 60+1: Magic Kingdom CL 1

Winnie the Pooh, Fairytale Hall, Jungle Cruise, got everything no problem even with selecting this day last.

Day 60+2: Animal Kingdom CL 7
(already have FOLK dining package with KS)

I selected this day first to get FOP (and then the rest of the days go in order). FOP was booked until 3:30pm when I got on at 7, which didn’t work for us (the FOLK package is awesome but hard to work around!). I moved FOP to our last day, when there was a lot of availability, and ending up booking Navi River, Animation Ex., and Meeting Mickey/Minnie. Note, when I checked back, FOP was totally booked by 7:30am.

Day 60+3: Epcot CL 7

Spaceship Earth, The Seas, Frozen EA, no problem

Day 60+4: Hollywood Studios CL 5

This threw me off because I didn’t realize the Frozen FP time is 30 minutes before showtime (TP shows actual showtime), and I missed our optimal time for Frozen while I was figuring it out. I ended up with Frozen (later time) and TSMM, and figured we would just wander GE/TSL in the free time - probably a better solution for us anyway than sitting through so many shows.

Day 60+5: Magic Kingdom CL 2
(We also have MVMCP this evening)

Got Peter Pan, Enchanted Tales, It’s a Small World, no problem

Day 60+6: Epcot CL 4

Ended up doing Test Track, Seas, and Living with the Land, no problems.

Day 60+7: MK CL 8 or AK CL 6

Ended up picking AK to get FOP, plus KS and Nemo.

Hope this helps some of you out & is now in writing for the next time future-me is crazy enough to book FastPasses :hugs:

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