Update on Flamingo Crossings

It’s been really quiet about this project. Looks like things are moving along now.

They’re clearly trying to give options to the All Stars for visiting sports folks, but I wonder how it will play out.


Thanks for the link! I’m pretty surprised they’re moving ahead with this, and I still have doubts about the long-term plans actually happening. But it should help lower prices, so that’s good.


Between the 2nd half of Pop Century, the National Harbor project, and Flamingo Crossing, Disney should just stop announcing plans. It seems to be a harbinger of bad economic times every time.

On the other hand, I’d love to see the All Stars less crowded with groups - the food courts/bus stops there clearly aren’t set up to handle groups moving en masse.


Interesting! Thank you for sharing.

This is from May’s permit filings, but it gives you a good idea of what they’re thinking about.

How much you want to bet that the pool will be the “Touchdown Pool”?

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Pop Century is the source of my old woman rant moods. Every time we go there, I keep mentioning that it will never be Pop CENTURY. It is Pop half-a-century. Therefore they must change the name of the resort because it irritates me. So far every CM that I mention it to just smiles and silently pushes the panic button to call security that they have hidden behind the counter.


Are there any stats out there about current occupancy rates on Disney hotels? I’ve heard lots of people say that DVC rooms are almost impossible to get last-minute and even some people say that traditionally slow times of year have fewer cash rooms available for Values and Moderates.

Geographically it is a neat move by Marriott – they are really working at boxing in Disney with their properties. If you come in on Osceola Parkway you’ve got the Gaylord. If you’re coming in on Epcot Center Drive, you’ve got the Orlando World Center. Now if you come in from Western Way (yeah, all both of the people that come in from there, I guess), you’ll have this.

My Disney mania is only two years old, so it’s the first I’ve heard of it. I skimmed the article, but I’m a little confused. Is it a Disney property, or a Marriott property? Or both in some weird arrangement?

Flamingo Crossing is a parcel of land located at the far western part of property. Here’s a map showing it (in the upper left corner) and Animal Kingdom (near the bottom) to give you an idea of where it is at.

Here’s a great history of it:

What really strikes me about the first piece of concept art on that page is how it looks like concept art for Disney Springs. I get it that you can only do so much with the design of an open-air shopping mall, but it’s more than a little similar….

Long and short, Disney owns the property, but they’re selling parcels of it off for development, and Marriott took them up on the offer. We drove in on 429 (that big toll road that runs right next to it) one time just to see what it was like, and it was miles and miles of nothingness from Winter Garden all the way down there. That said, there’s a HUGE series of development going in a few miles to the north called Horizon West, so eventually that 429 corridor will be built up unless the economy tanks again. Right now, it really feels like it is out in the boonies, surrounded by miles of rolling hills and nothing else. What I’d love to see is having it become a good shopping and dining alternative to Disney Springs/Downtown Disney, especially if Disney can’t get the problems resolved with the I-4 interchange at Downtown Disney that was supposedly approved but now appears to require elected officials to step in and make it happen…

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Thank you for all this wonderful background – I really appreciate it! Interesting! :slight_smile:

And just in case anyone would like to see it, I did get an article up about it:


I can vouch for the DVC bit. September was the only time I was able to get anything closer than three months out. Disney is really cagey with occupancy, attendance, et cetera, but informed rumor has it that occupancy is down, but they’re holding the line on discounts so as to maintain the image of a premium product.

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