Update! Decision made! No Poly. :( BLT or...what?

For Marathon Weekend in January, I was all set to FINALLY stay at the Poly after dreaming about it for 40 years. Then Monday my wonderful (seriously, I love her) TA emailed me to let me know that they were going to be remaining closed on the hotel side to do those room renovations AND there were going to be things going on construction-wise at the Great Ceremonial House - this was prior to the monorail stop being closed announcement. She knows that this is a dream stay for me and wants it as close to perfect as possible when I do stay there. (Knowing that there is never anything ABSOLUTELY perfect.)

We discussed my options, and I’m now booked at BLT in a Standard View Studio (I’m good with that…not thrilled with the Lake Views). I’ve been watching videos and am trying to get excited about BLT, but I’m looking at other options. Contemporary (same location…not thrilled with the themeing) is also available, though really only Garden Wing is in my budget, and definitely not a fan of that wing.

My current plans (based on BLT) are Expo/MK, AK, Half/Epcot, AK, MK. AK is by far my favorite park. Epcot is my tradition after a race - and with all the construction going on there it definitely seems like I’ll only need that afternoon/evening. There are only really 4 things I’ll bother with at Studios - Tower, RnRC, MMRR, and Muppets - so it is hard to justify using a ticket for just that (unless I decide to do it on my departure day if the resort changes to a pondering).

Ideally they would open the Mara and/or Boma at AKL and I’d go back to Kidani (my original booking until I realized that Sanaa is the only in-resort option right now). But…no one knows if that’s going to happen.

Other options:
BWV Studio
Yacht Club Room
Riviera Studio (not Tower as those are gone)
*Con is I’m only planning essentially half a day at Epcot and could do Studios on Departure Day, but I’m not really that invested in even the 4 things I’d do.

Or Boulder Ridge, but honestly the Wilderness Lodge themeing is even less appealing to me than Contemporary or BLT).

Thoughts? Is BLT as good as the reviews on here make it?


Of those, I think I would probably choose BWV. Great location, potentially fantastic views.

Is there a reason GDT isn’t on your list? Transportation?

Not available. Sold out I guess. Or I would probably be moving to there.

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I would temporarily keep what you have but keep checking for GDT. It will open, I’m sure. Someone will cancel

Or wait. No. Move to BWV, but keep trying for GDT

So 2 MK, 2AK and 1 Epcot? I’d probably pick either The contemporary just to be close to MK or whatever resort appeals the most to you with best food options. I agree AKL sounds very limited. Boardwalk puts you near those restaurants… with the shorter hours it sounds like you need to LOVE the resort your at. But I guess that could change.

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Just looked… I could throw a Nemo suite at AOA in the mix as well. Those look adorable… (They have Lion King and Cars also, but I’d do Nemo if I were to do one.)

No. Not that


After a weekend watching every video of available (and in my price range) resorts, I’ve made a decision. (Save for GDT becoming available again.)

Caribbean Beach Resort, King room.

I know CBR is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it. It is my Disney home, it is where I’ve stayed for most Marathon Weekends, and I’m comfortable there. It also has the advantage that I can pop over to Riviera and explore it before I invest that much money in a stay there. (I’m requesting Aruba, so that puts me very close to Riviera if I get it. I’ve been known to request the furthest potential building and end up in a preferred section, so we’ll see what happens this time.

I’m very good with this. :slight_smile: And I think this will make the last day (assuming I can get the ADR) Topolino’s breakfast and over to Studios to do the few things I’ll do there before I have to be back for Tragical Express.


Following the trip resort this week has made me want to Stay at CBR! Looks really fun there!

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It was my first on-property resort and it is always what I gravitate back towards. And living in NYC where I walk everywhere (some bus or subway sprinkled in, but a lot more walking than most places where more people have cars), the “it is so HUGE” argument has never really held water with me. Yes, the Pirate rooms are kind of in their own section, but even that is not a horrible walk IMHO. (I booked a King room - not available in the Pirate zone, so hopefully they don’t decided to “upgrade” me this time, especially since I get in late night and being able to move me might not happen.)