UPDATE: Canceled BOG Res. [Be Our Guest help with 2.5 & 5.5 yo]

UPDATE: We have canceled the BOG reservation and switched to Skipper Canteen. We will save BOG for when the kids are older. Thanks for your feedback!

Hi y’all! We’re 8 days out from travel day and have reservations for Be Our Guest next Sunday evening! (As an aside, we snagged our reservation via the Touring Plans reservation finder and that alone has made this year’s subscription worth the cost!!)

DH and I are REALLY excited about dining at BOG but I’m concerned about the prix fixe format for my 5.5 DD and 2.5 DS. They are pretty picky and seem like the only kids in America who won’t eat mac & cheese (Steak or chicken? Blech, HOW DARE YOU! lol). Will the restaurant let me add on an appetizer and/or side for DS (2.5) and plate share with DD (5.5)? Does DD HAVE to order a meal? Can I bring in Uncrustables for the World’s Pickiest Eaters?

Should we just skip until our kids are older? (:weary:)

You have to pay for a meal for DD, the same as you’d have to pay at a buffet even if she wouldn’t eat anything. I don’t know about ordering extra sides etc.

Thanks! I figured DD would need an entree (that was mostly wishful thinking lol).

Here is our experience with BOG last August with our DD3 and DD7. I think to summarize, it wasn’t worth the cost to us for the food, but if the experience is worth the cost to you then go for it! I’ll just add that our ADR was right at closing time, and I think it’s fair to say we were rushed (didn’t include the whole account but they shut off the lights on us!). In retrospect they could have made the kids version of the meal much more kid-friendly, especially considering the cost.


Thank you for the GREAT feedback! I decided to save BOG for a future trip and switched to Skipper Canteen.