Upcoming trip questions

I’m headed in a month with 3yo and 6yo. Hoping someone can help me with the following trip planning question. Thank you in advance.

  1. Would you take a 40" skinny kid on FOP? The restraints don’t seem great for that body size. I know it doesn’t really move but she would freak out if uncomfortable.

  2. Is there anywhere a map of the distanced meet and greets, characters are kind of a central focus for us and they don’t exist in any of the planning docs I’ve seen so far.

  3. Is there anything Luca themed currently?

  4. Any suggestions for Mary Poppins loving kids?

  1. UK pavilion. She is often outside there. If you go into the courtyard and turn to face the back of the building you’ll see her to the right.

Thanks. It sounds like she rotates with Alice (who we also like). So I think we will get some fish and chips and hang out there for awhile.

  1. I saw something about Luca themed merchandise. Haven’t heard of anything else.

The seat does move - it tilts side to side. It does not move relative to the floor. The restraints are like padded clamps that hold your calves and back in place. I think they might do a fair job of holding your daughter, but whether she’d be uncomfortable is something else.

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Flight of Passage has a 44" height requirement.

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