Upcoming Trip, Hogwarts Letter - trip reveal

First time poster, but have been reading a while.

Here is the Hogwarts letter I used to surprise my boys on our upcoming trip in case anyone else wants to copy.


What a clever idea! How old are the boys? What was their reaction?

Oh! I love it!

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That’s genius!

Turning 9. One was all smiles. One smiled and fell backward into ben bag chair.



This is awesome!!!

That’s awesome!!! :owl::email::owl::email::owl::email:

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I love this idea!

I have girls that have this same reaction, in one form or another :rofl:

I’m totally taking this idea to invite family members for an Orientation to the Wizarding World for our trip.

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That’s so cute!

Soooo, our flight from Phoenix is supposed to arrive in Orlando at 10pm on 9/30. Keeping our fingers crossed.