Up Close with Rhinos? Anyone done this yet?


Hey everyone, I know this tour just started a week or so ago but I was wondering if anyone had done the tour yet? I am trying to decide if we are going to book it for our trip in February. I’m wondering if it is too much talking for a 5 year old. I’ve heard the Caring for Giants tour with the elephants is too much talking for little kids and I was wondering if the Rhino one is the same way. What I mean by too much talking, I mean the Cast Members who take care of the animals doing a lot of explaining about how they take care of the animals on a daily basis. This would tend to be boring for a young child, at least for my young child! Thank you!


I feel that you’ve been misinformed. The caring for giants tour is GREAT for littles! We had a few on ours that were in the 3-5yo range and they seemed to love it!

I’ve not done the Rhino tour but read a rave review about it. It sounds quite a lot like caring for giants with the biggest difference being that you may have the opportunity to TOUCH a rhino! On caring for giants they were still a distance away. Otherwise the two seem very much alike and given that, I would recommend both and/or either to everyone!


We are going to do one of these on our coming trip. Can’t decide which one. Both sound amazing! Love that proceeds help fund conservation efforts. We can let you know for sure in a few weeks but I think either one would be wonderful and captivating for a 5yo. It seems like there are artifacts to look at and touch and you are so up close to the animals that the hour will fly by.


Thanks for the replies you guys! @OBNurseNH I’m not sure where I read that information about the Caring for Giants tour but thank you for your personal experience. I’m not sure if we are gonna end up with two days at AK this next trip so I’m not sure I want to book a tour and limit our time for other things if I only have one day. Maybe after we book our fastpasses and see what I can get I might decide then. Hopefully there will still be slots available if I do. Thanks!


I think CFG is one of the rare tours that you could do on a walk-up most days if you could be flexible about when to go.


Yeah Caring for Giants is definitely more flexible than Up Close with Rhinos since there is only a 11:00 am tour. I’m thinking we may pass on a tour this trip and book a Early Morning Magic for Toy Story Land instead.


I concur. We did Caring for Giants with my 8 and 10 year old, and my 8 year old got bored right away and my 10 year old got bored at the end. It WAS really cool to see the elephants for such an extended period and to hear about their days at Disney. I wouldn’t spring for it, honestly.


Haven’t done the tour, but I can tell you that on our Wild Africa Trek, we had a ton of pictures of one of the Rhino’s named Frank. He was literally everywhere we turned and seemed to be a favorite of our two tour guides. The stories they told about him were hilarious. If that was any indication, I expect Up Close with the Rhinos will be a great addition to AK!


I’m trying to decide between both these tours as well. Also wondering how far in advance we would need to book the rhino tour, since there is just the one tour per day. I really want to do it, my 11-yo might get a little antsy but when are we ever going to see a rhino this close again! (We don’t live near any zoos.)


I tried to book the rhino tour for 2 weeks from now but it was sold out :disappointed_relieved: so we booked CFG instead. I’m sure we will love that one too.