UOR Touring Plans Blog Post Requests

Hey y’all, I am planning out 2021’s blog post schedule and was wondering if there are any topics you’d like to see covered!

Here are some of the ideas and plans I currently have:

  • UOAP Hotel Discounts
  • More “Getting to know Universal” posts on popular attractions and restaurants
  • HHN coverage
  • Newbies articles on Virtual Line, mobile ordering, transportation at the resort, etc

Post below any questions or ideas you’d like researched.


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Wow this is timely since I was just on TP and US sites trying to find answers about current parking costs. I’m more familiar with WDW parking but we usually Lyft to universal. I know valet parking is closed due to c-19 and we have a premiere AP I want to activate. I know we get free parking but I can’t find out what kind? Also at WDW I can upgrade to preferred parking for an additional cost ( I have FL gold AP) but I can’t find the current info for a similar upgrade at universal. TIA!!!

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We JUST did an article on this! Guess next time I could focus the title more on parking than “arriving”.


Lol I did read this but was confused. And I forgot to check the date for relevancy too. Overall I found the post helpful but the parking bit confusing. I thought maybe a comma was miss8n* and so went looking for more definitive intel. Should I read it as all APs have a $9 up charge for preferred parking? If premiere AP have valet ( not with c-19) do we also have an up charge?

One I can’t seem to find the answer to is what location the kid suites are at Hard Rock. I know club level is 7th but that’s about it. Want a low floor if possible, but no sense requesting if they are all upper.

Got you. Premier Pass includes Prime Parking, I’ll update the post to include that.


Thank you! You rock!

Thank you, always enjoy reading the blogs and learning more. I think you have the important topics covered that you listed.

My only thought is to look over and update the UOR information pages on the website. These is easy to access and browse through the menu and read up on things.
I would imagine this needs updated since covid:

Also, this: I don’t see Hagrid’s listed here

I think those were the two most outdated pages.

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I’m only working on blogs but I can push this up the ladder and see if I can help/get it fixed.


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Velicoaster deets as soon as you know em!

I really like the newbie stuff we really struggled with mobile ordering and virtual line info on our last trip. That will be helpful so others don’t have to learn the hard way like we did at three broomsticks.


How about a blog on how to request specific rooms at the Universal Resorts serviced by water taxis?

For example, I am mobility challenged and it is very important to me to get a room as close as possible to the water taxi. The handicapped rooms are spread out throughout the resort, so simply booking an accessible room will not necessarily mean it is close to the water taxis. So it would be very helpful to me to know that I should request a room by the West Wing and book a Bay View Room. I should email the request to portofinocustomerservice@loewshotels.com no later than 3 days before my check-in date.

It would be awesome if Touring Plans extended its room finder feature to Universal, but in lieu of that, maybe a blog about the resort rooms would help.


I second the Universal Room Request. Even just general descriptions, and what is available where.
Our upcoming Universal trip will be our third, but our first onsite. Those are some really big hotels. We are staying at Cabana Bay, Hard Rock and Royal Pacific. And also a couple of nights off-site at Drury Inn (maybe).
We don’t have any mobility issues so it isn’t as critical for us. BUT, I have always hated long walks within hotels. I can walk-walk-walk and be fine. But once I’m at my final destination, I melt. I despise Vegas hotels.

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Thanks for the replies, I’ll pass the Universal Resort Room Finder request up the chain. I’ll also look into what I can do with a series of blog posts on the topic (I imagine it’d be one per resort as a compromise for the amount of research and to drive traffic).


Thanks for the heads up. I’m going through updating UOR pages. The rope drop and lockers pages have been updated.


Thanks, that was fast!

Very helpful updated information on the rope drop page. :+1:

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