UOR Ticket Price Increase?

It looks like the cheapest one-day, one-park adult ticket for UOR is now $119 + tax. I think it was $109.

Does anyone know the exact date on which this happened? It might have been overnight.


I don’t. But this made me curious. UOR is “quietly” raising prices, but not getting the same flak that Disney is getting because they aren’t as expensive…but…

January 2022, I bought three Seasonal passes for $349. They are now $425. I also bought one Preferred pass (NOT Power pass) for $449. They are now $630!

I am starting to think that going in January 2026 is going to end up a lot more expensive than I originally thought!

Not sure. But I do know that the buy 3 get 2 has not increased in price for my dates. I had just checked them on Saturday.

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In July 2020, I paid $463.99+tax for a 3 park preferred pass. In July 2023, I paid $584.99+tax for a 3 park power pass. Price increases have been very high.

I’m wondering what the passes will cost after Epic Universe opens :dizzy_face:

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Buying passes for spring break, I am like - Universal is NOT cheaper than Disney!

I think you get better deals in the low season. But @ryan1 those increases are a lot. If I was going ro buy an AP for hotel discounts, I should have done it.

Maybe they are trying to slowly increase the prices so that when Epic opens they are selling the tickets for what they want without a lot of press regarding price jumps with the new park.

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Len asked me too and turns out it is a price increase!

Come for the news, stay for the graphs and data.