UOR - perspective on annual pass prices

I’ve been to UOR once, stayed at Royal Pacific (express passes), really enjoyed it. I was looking at a trip, and the cost of 3-day 2-park park-to-park tickets is equal to the seasonal annual pass. I understand that there may also be AP hotel discounts, right? The blackout dates don’t bother me, I don’t want to be in Orlando during July, Easter, or Christmas.

So… what am I missing? I’m just used to WDW APs being so expensive, these seem extremely reasonable?

I travel quite a bit for work and tend to have airline points that I can use to get to MCO, and have some flexibility to take long weekends and do shorter haul trips. I’ve had WDW APs before and gotten 3-4 trips in during the AP period. I’d expect at least 2 trips during the pass period. Should I do it?

As a Universal and WDW AP holder my answer is always going to be yes, you should do it :smiley:.

You’re correct, the cost of a 2 park 3 day ticket is the exact cost of the seasonal AP, which is what I upgraded my parents tickets to earlier this month and it didn’t cost anything extra to do so. If you want to save a little money, purchase the 3 day ticket from Undercover tourist, specifically their Buy 2 days get 1 day free special as they will send a 3 day ticket which Universal will give you full purchase credit for, so I ended up saving about $45 on each of the tickets I upgraded.

Good luck with your decision!


Great tip, thank you!

Can I ask, did you do this? I am running into the same thing and wondering if there would be some reason NOT to just buy the Season Annual Pass if I have no interest in going during the blackout dates… thanks!

I just did this for my spouse. Instead of upgrading his 2 day ticket purchased from undercover tourist to a 3 day ticket, I just got him a seasonal path. The only issue getting the seasonal pass is you are blocked out of concert dates from universal studios, which happens on weekends.

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Thank you! I am looking at going in March so I need to wait till they announce the concert dates. Thank you for the response.

Really stupid question about this. If you’re using your 3-day ticket during the blackout days, can you still upgrade to a seasonal pass on the last day of the ticket? Or do you have to upgrade before use?

We upgraded in universal studios at the end of the day we would have been blocked out of. They had no issues do the upgrade. We were on day 1 of a two day ticket. As long as you upgrade before your ticket expires, you should have no issue.

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