UOR - perspective on annual pass prices

I’ve been to UOR once, stayed at Royal Pacific (express passes), really enjoyed it. I was looking at a trip, and the cost of 3-day 2-park park-to-park tickets is equal to the seasonal annual pass. I understand that there may also be AP hotel discounts, right? The blackout dates don’t bother me, I don’t want to be in Orlando during July, Easter, or Christmas.

So… what am I missing? I’m just used to WDW APs being so expensive, these seem extremely reasonable?

I travel quite a bit for work and tend to have airline points that I can use to get to MCO, and have some flexibility to take long weekends and do shorter haul trips. I’ve had WDW APs before and gotten 3-4 trips in during the AP period. I’d expect at least 2 trips during the pass period. Should I do it?

As a Universal and WDW AP holder my answer is always going to be yes, you should do it :smiley:.

You’re correct, the cost of a 2 park 3 day ticket is the exact cost of the seasonal AP, which is what I upgraded my parents tickets to earlier this month and it didn’t cost anything extra to do so. If you want to save a little money, purchase the 3 day ticket from Undercover tourist, specifically their Buy 2 days get 1 day free special as they will send a 3 day ticket which Universal will give you full purchase credit for, so I ended up saving about $45 on each of the tickets I upgraded.

Good luck with your decision!


Great tip, thank you!