UOR newbie - split stay question

We just decided to visit UOR in early summer 2023 so of course I added UOR to my TP subscription. I am starting from basically 0 knowledge of UOR but I know this is a great place to start.

We’re thinking 4 nights/5days, 3 p-p passes (will probably buy AP’s). I know about the express pass offered by the premier hotels so I’m thinking 2 nights at HRH and 2 nights at Cabana Bay, will get us 3 days of unlimited express passes. Family of 6 so the 2 bedroom suite at HRH was surprisingly cheaper and larger than Royal Pacific, slightly more than Portofino but 2 bedroom vs 1 bedroom suite.

First question - does UOR move your bags like Disney does for split stays?

I was hoping someone would jump in here. @rebeecky or @josephmatt might be able to help?

I believe that Universal only moves luggage in rare cases (maybe only deluxe to deluxe) or not at all these days?

If you have the Universal subscription I would also suggest you download the Touring Plans Universal app. There is a chat tab (you can ask questions if you are logged in). They are a great group that are very, very helpful.


My last trip was pre-covid, so I can’t tell you for certain how things are now. However, in December 2019, our luggage WAS transferred from Royal Pacific to Cabana Bay.


That’s a lot. What is your touring style / strategy? UOR is awesome and there’s plenty to do, but it’s much smaller than WDW and I would personally struggle to fill that much time.

You just do all of the stuff and take some downtime at the hotel in the pool. I’ve done a few 4 night trips to Universal and that was before VB and never felt bored especially the first few times when I wanted to do everything including the playgrounds cuz I had littles.

With VB that’s three parks and maybe even a relaxing hotel day. Cabana Bay is great for that with the lazy river and bowling alley.


A 5-day/4-night trip is great for me. I like to reride my favorite rides multiple times in a trip and never feel like I’m rushed. I could easily stay a week and never feel bored.


We are typically rope droppers to noon, pool and resort all afternoon, dinner and then return to parks in the evenings. Volcano Bay would be a whole day to itself. I’d rather have more time than not enough for this first trip. I honestly can’t see us getting bored. Between shows, rides, experiences, Harry Potter activities… I won’t complain if I have to ride Velocicoaster more than once :slight_smile: