UOR Mobile Order charges NOT showing up

We went to UOR and WDW for spring break back in early April. We did two mobile orders for breakfast at the Leaky Cauldron via the app. I’ve looked at my credit card statement that is tied to the app and have not seen those charges hit. I’m not complaining, but just wondering if anyone else has experienced that.

System glitch? Seems it would show up by now.

In our case in August, we were charged multiple times for the same MO…so it looks like the glitch has swung on the opposite direction! :slight_smile:

After a couple times, we stopped using MO, to the chagrin of the TMs. They insisted, and I insisted back that it wasn’t working so just take my order the old-fashioned way! They eventually obliged.

But I digress. What I do know is that it took a few weeks for those extraneous charges to clear off my statement…which they eventually did. So I think that means the ACTUAL charges to the account aren’t necessarily finalized immediately. It they don’t show up by your next statement then…I guess the food was free? :wink:


I’m not counting it as free until we get to June or so. It was probably about $50-60 each time and we ate there twice. I guess it will more than offset the $63 order in SeussLand for a few corn dogs and drinks. I remember my wife commenting on that transaction like, “it was HOW MUCH?” And the kid behind the counter said sarcastically, “a real bargain, right?”

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