UOR Lines app

Why is the app no longer available for android devices? I want to help my brother for our trip this weekend, but it doesnt exist in the app store.

Follow up question: for those of us who already have the app on an android, why hasnt it been updated in who knows how long? Compared to the WDW version, its kinda junky

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I still have it…but honestly haven’t found it terribly useful. I have found Universal’s own app to be far more useful, and with much more accurate wait times.

I also have found Universal is in far less need of a plan. I still sometimes use the website to make a rough plan ahead of time, but never ended up needing it.

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Last time i visited IOA (December) the actual plan feature crashed halfway through the day. I tried using the in-park chat option, but that accomplished nothing. Was hoping someone at TP would take notice, but if znything it seems theyve neglected the app even further.

For what its worth, up until the crash it was working great (as it did when i was at USF in August)