UOR Lines App for Android

Does anyone know when touringplans will be updating the UOR lines app for android. It won’t load on newer android versions.


@david reported that there is no target date set yet, but that it will happen at some point.

What versions?

I have the very latest Android version and it loads. There might be something else wrong.

The issue is not that the app won’t run on modern version of Android, but rather that the Google Play Store is no longer willing to offer our Disneyland and Universal Orlando apps because they’re old. That makes it hard to install the app. There are workarounds. We address the situation here:

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I have a Nokia X20 android version 13 and it won’t even appear on Google Play

On my PC the app list says it won’t work on my Nokia nor on my tablet Samsung Tab A with android version 11, but will on my old Samsung Tab 3 with android version 4.4.

So what device and version are you running ryan1. Are you sure it’s Universal lines app by touringplans?

Thanks David,

We are not going till next April/May so hopefully as the link says it is proposed to update it, and with luck it may be available by then. Otherwise I’ll try the workaround as suggested.

I’m on Android 13 and never had an issue with the UOR Lines app, but I have a flagship Samsung model.

It sounds like some lower end phones are affected?

Thanks to David and the link, all explained. It will work on android phones whether you downloaded before google put the block or by the method suggested. Nothing to do with how much you paid for the phone, nor the app. Just google, making sure you’re using their latest operating system before you put it on their play store.

I might add I had the same problem with Samsung. They make you buy the latest phone or tablet because the older ones won’t upgrade to the latest android version so you can download apps, etc. That’s why I don’t buy Samsung now, nothing to do with “flagship” models.

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