UOR in March

Thinking of traveling the week of March 4 (M - F). I’ve never traveled during early March before and was hoping someone familiar with that period could help me out by answering a few questions:

  1. What’s the weather like?
  2. Crowds?
  3. Blockout dates? (I’ve checked the blockout dates on the app and there were no blockout dates listed, but I wasn’t sure about concerts in USF. Is there a possibility I could be blocked out because of a Mardi Gras concert/event?)
  4. Annual Pass Hotel Rates? I can see that they’ve been released for CBBR and select rooms at PBR, and SF, but none of the other hotels seem to have any yet. Can I expect more and if so, does anyone have any idea when?

Thanks for any insight.

  1. Pretty darn perfect usually. Still the dry season, plenty of 70’s, probably some 80’s.

  2. Moderate but not bad. 2/26 week is lower crowds. 3/11 week gets closer to high crowds.

It’s pretty nice! It can be chilly (mid-50°F) in the mornings

You are going right before Spring Break, so it “should” be fine. The weekend of the 8th and going forward is when you’ll see crowds pick up more

There may still be one last concert or two on the weekends before or after your trip. Your travel time is right when the final performances typically occur. If you do experience a blockout it will ONLY be at USF. You can still go to IOA and Volcano Bay on concert dates

I checked rates & the hotels seem to not be offering much as you are heading right into a peak travel season. I would keep checking or see if there is a deal through a third party vendor.

The lowest rates are about 120 - 100 days in advance. If you aren’t seeing the best rates now, then there may not be any more coming. My only advice is to check everyday & multiple times a day. I’ve had rates “pop” up in the afternoon that weren’t there the night or morning before. GL!!

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Thank you both for replying. I really appreciate it!


Just wanted to come back and report that I found an annual pass discount at Surfside this morning :slight_smile:



What did you get? I know there’s an AP offer for Sun. - Thurs. stays, but didn’t see anything special for M on. - Fri. - just curious. Thanks!!

Check in on a Monday, check out on a Friday, 35% off. I’ve been checking several times a day since November. I had almost given up hope, especially after seeing the UOR ad for the AP offers that excluded Surfside during March. I’m glad I kept checking.