UOR hotel quick service

Curious to know if any of the quick service places at the UOR resorts are particularly good or bad? We are looking at potential lower cost food options during some of our May trip. I have a list of off property places we could go nearby, but the only QS place outside of the parks we have been at UOR was in Surfside Inn back in May 2021. It was mediocre…as it to be expected.

Anyhow, if we left a park for dinner, we could in theory choose one of the resorts that we can access directly from Citywalk by boat (or walking). Question is…are any worth it?

(We aren’t interested in TS, because we already have those meals planned out.)


We enjoyed the wraps from the poolside quick service at Cabana Bay. But that is the only one I’ve tried.

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Sal’s at Porotofino, a nice boat ride away from the hectic park, and they have nice outdoor seating, Italian sandwiches, antipasto, fresh fruit, salads and brick oven pizzas


If there’s one specific you want to try, @darkmite2 is there! If he hasn’t already eaten there, he might do it in the spirit of research :blush:

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My favorite budget places in CityWalk that will fill you up are Breadbox Handcrafted Sandwiches and Red Oven Pizza. Both are really good and don’t break the bank.

I haven’t had any remarkable food at any value hotel quick service.

I am eating at Portifino tomorrow night. I can look into Sal’s if you want!

Hope that helps!


Another :+1:t2: for Sal’s at Portofino. The pizzas are way better than I’d expected.


This is on our list to try. But the other recommendations are starting to get into the “in the parks” price ranges, or higher. I don’t know why I expected the quick service places to have prices that were less expensive than in the parks. :confused:

I have a good appetite and I couldn’t finish a whole Red Oven Pizza solo. $15 for two people is a pretty good deal in this area unless you get a pizza delivered to your room from Pizza Hut ior something :yum:

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Oh, good to know. Thanks

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It’s not the cheapest option but my family absolutely loved Bend the Bao in Citywalk. So good!

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Another vote for Sal’s at Portofino. We did a pre-dinner snack there. Husband and I split the cheese plate, girls had breadsticks and marinara. Really good food and better than I would expect from a quick service.

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I love Bend the Bao. However, I would consider them a snack than a meal. (Especially at the prices they charge!)

I’ve had all of them, but rarely walk away feeling full.

For reference they are small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. (Remember…I’m 5’ 2" so I have small hands…that how small they are…about 2 - 3 bites.

We had the bao for lunch. Two each. It definitely wasn’t a huge lunch but great for my girls who eat like birds!

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